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Report: Stuck in Queue



  • Same issue as those above, I am stuck in the pvp queue and getting the "check your firewall" error.

  • Dsolation.2196Dsolation.2196 Member
    edited October 1, 2020

    @Sealreth.1425 said:
    I am unable to click unranked/Ranked buttons for about an hour now after finishing a match. Tried rebooting already.

    same here

  • Also stuck in queue.

  • Please help!

  • Still stuck in queue, it says a match is in progress but it was won hours ago...also getting the "check your firewall" error. Please help

  • Menzo.2185Menzo.2185 Member ✭✭✭

    23 hours stuck since yesterday


    Today: Can't go to PvP Lobby, still "Match in Progress"

  • Spyke.4018Spyke.4018 Member
    edited October 2, 2020

    It has now been over 24 hours with no resolution. I am still "match in progress".

    Could we at least get someone to acknowledge that they've seen this thread?!

  • Stuck in queue. I accepted a queue pop and dismissed the window, but after a long interval the spvp screen remained at "match is about to begin." Now, every map I load into doesn't give me the "you will abandon queue" warning, but instead offers another queue pop as soon as I load in. The accept/decline buttons are greyed out, so the only thing I can do is dismiss it.

  • I've been stuck with Match in Progress for 3 days now what should i do? Just wait?

  • I'm stuck since Thrusday, october first, I have a support ticket open and I already lost over 160 rating with the decay, will that be reverted??

  • Hello, I've been stuck in a finished game for 5 days now, please help me.

  • Hey
    I'm stuck at match ready atm