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Shadow in the ice end is too weird (LS5 ep2 - Heavy spoilers)



  • After the Shadow in the ice story has been solved, I just want to say to rytlock: Don't kitten be so easily controlled rrrrrr!

    I tried my best to save your son, but in the battle you were deceived by the enemy and turned to me, which made me sad. :'(

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    The only way that they could have escaped that situation without making bengar look like a bond villain (who prefers a slow moving laser to kill rather than a simple shoot to the head) is:

    1- both char became cowards (and thrown the char lore up the window in doing so, considering they have put fight on top of self preservation several times so far) and ran away of bran, as soon as he jumped then without finishing their mission (even though bengar have a bow that can in theory kill dragons),

    2- the DW team ran away even though they got the upper hand when bran transformed and got ryland by surprise (making then look incompetent without the commander but that’s have been the case in all stories so far).

    3- jormag made something that separated them, and that must have been the plan, because bran was on top of ryland right there.

    Also saying that bengar is a small cog, or piece of jormag plan, just make aurene disconnected, bengar IS the most important piece in jormag plan.

    Bengar is a well-respected leader and char in general, many others follow him because he is bengar, not because he is the imperator of the blood legion, he also have some influence over the flame legion, being the one that took then in. Bengar and maybe ryland are the only ones that could have lead the char like that, no other imperator could at this point. Also this move is vital to jormag, because the char are kind of single minded people on regard of fighting its enemy, since kralk is gone the obvious next target would be jormag who is just next door, and convincing a race that prefers to summon titans that devastated lands for generations over admiting that it could not defeat and army, that it is not its enemy after they have chosen you as enemy would be way harder. And jormag is afraid of the commander (that’s transparent), so it needs a strong army of char rather than its useless sons of svanir.

    Also i expect the obvious ryland "no, i can’t allow you to do that" face turn in the end with the, "pointing the gun at the enemy then turning to the hero to reveal the betrayal" / "i'm sorry i had no choice" cliché with crecia.

    To be fair jormag looks like the weakest dragon in some aspects, look at kralk want minions? juns fly over an area and bum... got minions... zaithan? just kill some random people... jormag on the other hand have to spend weeks convincing a group or norn that its cooler to follow its orders... there is no urgency in the story if there was no bengar.

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    @Karkara.9067 said:
    Also saying that bengar is a small cog, or piece of jormag plan, just make aurene disconnected, bengar IS the most important piece in jormag plan.

    Gonna have to disagree right there.

    So far, all Bangar has done is ordered Ryland to get Braham stupidly drunk, and steal his bow(something that doesn't take a mastermind to do), and gotten a dozen or so warbands(or about 50-60 people) to follow him into the mountains, and then jumped in at the last minute to steal our Drakkar kill. Bangar has done literally nothing that necessitates him being an Imperator to succeed. You could replace Bangar with any even half way respected charr, and had the same story. That Bangar is as high up as he is, is merely a bonus.

    Bangar so far has just been a tool, and not even a unique one at that. Theres a dozen people Jormag could have gotten besides Bangar to achieve this same goal.

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    @cptaylor.2670 said:
    While I didn't follow all of your points, I agree that it was a little anticlimactic and weird at the end. We keep having Jormag tell us she wants to talk...

    We get pulled into some weird realm and her a few whispers from her talking about Tyria and it just gets cut off by Bangar, who shows up for the sole purpose of having propaganda to fuel the legions into following him? And Jormag's just like, "Okay, we'll talk later. buhbye."

    I agree. This has been twice now that Jormag has appeared to us just to be cryptic and vague about being on our side. Especially with the commander constantly seeing the rather contradictory constant whispers leading people to freeze and die in the Marches, it's starting to verge on bad writing even if there is some explanation that comes up later. (My headcanon is that it's the Torment of Jormag that is whispering to the Svanir and various Pact members and allies, while the actual consciousness of Jormag only contacts us through the Fraenir and the Whisper-entity/Rimewhisper doppelganger we see in the vision.)

    And if the spirits were corrupted, all we had to do was have Braham talk to them? No forgotten rituals to free their minds? Just listen to them make fun of Braham for a few minutes and then have them bless him when they're done venting?

    If these spirits are free now, then are the masteries invalid next map? Because they were based on the stolen power of these spirits by Jormag. Now that the spirits are free and Jormag isn't siphoning their magic, I guess we won't be seeing anymore fallen/abberant/whatever mobs moving forward?

    It seems like the spirits were only 'purified' for long enough to grant Braham their blessing. This isn't a permanent state.

    And how are spirits this infinite font of magic that dragons can feast on? Care to go into detail about that or add some interesting sidelore? lol

    They probably don't care to explain any of that, honestly. My guess is simply that all Spirits of the Wild are linked to the Mists, and the Mists are an infinite well of magic.