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A question from a returning player

So I'm a returning player and I just purchased the Heart of thorns/Path of fire expansion bundle on sale now.
So I was going to work my way through the story, but even though I bought the expansion it still says I have to buy the individual story episodes for the expansion....

Am I missing something??? I would think if I bought the expansion that the living storyline would come with it. And if they dont, what the heck did I spend my money on????


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    The seasons you need to buy are those before and in-between the expansions. I think its a weird system, but that's partly how they fund a no-subscription model.
    This shows the list of seasons and their sequencing related to the expacs:

    Note that you buy them with gems, so if you are good at making gold in-game, you could convert gold to gems and not pay any real-world cash for them.

  • Yep, sorry about that. Depending on when you used to play, some of the episodes might be unlocked for you. Any episode where you logged in while it was active (even if you weren't able to play it because you didn't have the expansion) should still be unlocked. And occasionally they do have sales on the Living World content.

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    Basically living story episodes are DLC - small chunks of content which build on what's in the base game and expansions. They just don't call them that because they wanted to create a sense of continuity when they switched from only doing tempoary updates which were gone forever after their release window to permanent additions to the game.

    You can play the full storyline of both Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire without them, but the living story seasons do provide some background and build up to the expansions (season 2 for HoT and season 3 for PoF, 4 and 5 continue on from after PoF ends).

    (And no, I have no idea why they don't at least offer a complete package where you can buy the whole lot together.)

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    It kind of sucks, but, if you leave the game, and you hear about a new Living World episode being released, you should quickly log into your account and just log out again. It will unlock the episode. Even if you haven't actually bought the expansion that makes it possible.

    For example, I would log into my account and get Living World Season 4 maps unlocked, even though I hadn't bought Path of Fire yet at that point. It works on my alt Free to Play account too. My FTP account obviously can't do any of the Living World. But I've still been unlocking the episodes anyway. If I ever do pay to make the FTP account a full account with appropriate expansions, those episodes will be unlocked as well. But if I neglect to log in for a few months, and a Living World installment comes and goes - I'll be out of luck and have to buy that installment separately later.

    I think it's not a great system and wish ANet would make more options for people to acquire these episodes.