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Anyone playing on a AMD Ryzen APU? (Like a 2200g or 3400g)

Hey all,

My Dad is currently in desperate need of a new computer. So, considering his lack of a budget, I've been wondering how well Guild Wars 2 performs on AMD's APU chips.

The issue with his current system is that it's showing signs of motherboard failure. I'm honestly amazed it's still working. It's an old Gateway system, so there is no point in not building an entirely new system.

How well does GW2 perform on just the integrated graphics? My Dad's graphics card is a Geforce 770 that also might be going bad (he has a bunch of just weird issues...).



  • So I had searched on this topic before, but hadn't found any good answers. Today I think I did.

    Judging from Techpowerup's Relative Performance box for the different AMD integrated gpu's, they are not going to be better than a GeForce 770.

    On the 2200g for example, the box says a Geforce 770 has 309% the performance of the integrated Vega 8 graphics. Assuming I'm reading that information correctly....

  • GW2 is a very processor intensive game, it brings iGPUs on even higher end CPUs to their knees.

    I built a PC last year with an i7 8700K and while I waited for my 1080 Ti to arrive, I played with the iGPU on that processor, which was I think Intel UHD 620 or something. I barely got a playable framerate on 1080p with everything on lower than low during intense moments (open world events for example). If I dropped to 1600x900 it became smoother but on a 27" screen, it looked really ugly.

    I don't think an iGPU can handle GW2 well but only because GW2 puts so much strain on the CPU to begin with.

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    What is the budget for a new system? Here is a budget build I saw for less than $500. I just configured myself a new system that I budgeted $1500 for, but you can build a pretty viable system for $500. The AMD Ryzen's are pretty good CPU's. I've only been using AMD CPU's for the last 23 years and never had any issues with any system I have built.

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    I have a 2500U laptop (Ryzen 5 2500U with Vega 8 Graphics) and it's nothing to write home about when playing GW2. Mind you, a laptop processor is never going to be as powerful as a desktop processor, but they are about even in terms of performance and my performance on that laptop I had on medium settings (manually) and had far more frameskipping than my gf who has the same APU with the same settings, but from a different laptop manufacturer. Not sure what exactly the difference is between our two laptops (didn't bother checking), but she has a far smoother (not faster) experience than I did while I was on my laptop. Might be the screens refresh rates.

    Either way, it'll be playable if you don't mind low-ish frame rates. It's not single digits, but it's fast enough if you do automatic settings, or even just the lowest. Good luck.

  • Budget is closer to $300 than $500... Hence the APU idea. Might end up just hoping his 770 doesn't die, and find that AF model of the Ryzen 1600.

    Thanks for all the replies.

  • I made another post about this here
    Just scroll down to my post on that first page.

    Also a screenshot of that APU during Metrica Boss fight and running around Lions Arch