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Firearms Trait Line

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EDIT: I've made changes to these suggestions based off of the new patch notes that have went live. See for details.

I have a few ideas for the Firearms trait line that could buff it up pretty nicely, using a small number of changes. I'll address the imposed changes here.

Sharpshooter: OLD - Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding.
NEW - Your critical chance against bleeding foes is increased.
Increased Critical Chance = 10%
This would get rid of the Hematic Focus trait to better fit its theme, which will be discussed next.

Hematic Focus: OLD - You have an increased chance to critically hit bleeding foes.
This skill has been replaced with Serrated Steel.
NEW MASTER MINOR TRAIT: Serrated Steel - Your critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding, and bleeding you inflict lasts longer.
Chance to bleed on critical hit = 33%
Bleeding = 1 stack, 2s
Bleed duration increased = 15%
Fitting both the chance to bleed on crit and the increased bleeding duration into this trait just fits thematically. I mean, getting shot with barbed bullets, if you strike an artery, can be deadly, and having a barbed bullet travel through your body is going to cause you to bleed longer. Easy and effective thematic change.

Serrated Steel: OLD - Bleeding you apply lasts longer.
This skill was moved to the Master tier Minor slot, and the Grandmaster Minor slot is now replaced with Incendiary Powder.
NEW GRANDMASTER MINOR TRAIT: Incendiary Powder - Your critical hits cause burning. Burning you apply lasts longer.
Chance to burn on critical hit = 100%
Burning applied = 1 stack for 3 seconds
ICD = 8 seconds
Increased burning duration = 15%
Slotting this as the Minor Grandmaster will see a ton of new build ideas open up in general, not only for condition builds, but even for some power builds that may either want the small extra damage ticks from burning, or even with the Flamethrower, giving its critical hits a chance to cause a burn (fits thematically also for Flamethrower, duh, FLAMETHROWER???), and can also work with giving some extra damage from Modified Ammunition trait.

NEW GRANDMASTER MAJOR TRAIT: Tear Gas Agent - Your Glue Shot skill on the Pistol Offhand now also creates a smoke field and dazes on initial impact on top of its previous effects.
Smoke field duration = same as glue puddle duration
Daze duration = 1s
Blind per pusle = 1s
Pulses = same as Glue Shot puddle pulses (4 currently if I'm not mistaken)
This could open up a more of a defensive control aspect to the pistol offhand, giving access to some blind utility for the pistol off-hand weapon, as well as some strategy in laying the field to turn the tables on an enemy.
NOTE: with this trait change, I'd also like to impose a nerf to the duration of the glue puddle itself to 3 seconds. Also, a nerf/buff to the amount of pulses through the duration of the puddle, matching the amount of pulses with the duration of the field itself.

What do you Engineers, or other professions, think of this change (if implemented)?

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