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Karmic Empowerment for Bjora Marches

Can we get this to the top of what the devs discuss daily (hopefully others agree) so we as the community can help fix the unbalance (and yes I know its new content)

I know Im not the only one that's notice it, but the rewards for buying karmic empowerment to the 3rd level just are not what I think they should be for what it claims it does (boost karma from events)

for example

for starters why on earth are original events worth about 378 karma and new ones are only worth about 150 karma

on to what ive noticed about the karmic empowerment stacked 3 times events say like 378 but actually gives 408 (for the right side of the map) real numbers from the game im not just making these up and the new side claims about 150 but gives 163

I do know for a fact that the 30 gold we spent on the karmic empowerment went to the chunks (are now 1k in karma) we get one every event map decides its a reward so its not guaranteed like other maps with similar boosts

my honest suggestion since the game requires so much karma for items would be to switch it to something like ember bays where its more constant and based off of killing enemies, yes there are far more creatures then in ember bay, but events to me should not just be worth 163 to 408 if we buy a boost that says increase karma rewards for events how is 30 karma worth 30 gold

lets break down how much karma you need in the entire game from what i can see so far:

1,200,000 just for backpacks in sirens landing
315,000 the minis from the new map
275,000 the eternal ice shard node
175,000 for the new tome for the scrolls to new maps
175,000 the endless tonic
5,000 every day for obisidian shards from the convertor

I'm sure there's way more Ive missed but just throwing numbers as example
Ive personally gone through almost 260,000 karma from the new map between working on all the legendary's and almost buying that new tome

Also a side note to the devs can you please change the color of the icebrood saga tome to blue, its the exact same as Living world season 4s tome and looks almost identical to it