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Weapon swap sigils on a lone off hand.

So say you use a shield on both weapon sets. You only need one shield to do that and it'll work for both weapon sets.

How do weapon swap sigils in the shield work? Does it work when I do weapon swap or do you need another shield for that to work?


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    You still only need 1.

    I believe there is even a thief build that is pistol only but you equip one on the main hand and the other is off hand only so you can still "swap" between the same two weapons.

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    It will work.

    But do note that this Shield's Sigil effect will keep its cooldown even if swapped between two mainhands.

    This wouldn't matter much for most classes, since Weapon swap cooldown is 10 seconds.

    But this will be very noticeable by Warriors with the Discipline Traitline which lets them weapon swap every 5 seconds.

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    Thanks for the advice, everyone! Much appreciated.