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[sPvP] How do you get reasonable damage out of core power?

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I ran an explosives build with grenades. Berserker + Scholar. gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlZwGZasLmKO6TZrSA-zZILjMLgeTAbHA

I could never manage to get top damage. The highest I ever hit was about 300k damage in a match. Even with a low death count and hanging out in team fights I still couldn't deal a reasonable amount of damage. Is it the build? It seems like grenade barrage should delete people with these stats but the highest I've had it hit was 9k on a squishy, once. It more commonly only chunks for like 5k-ish. Which is pathetic for 20 second cooldown skillshot. Idk, I'm probably just bad. Any suggestions?

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    This is the build I use: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlZw+YasLmKOSLupMA-z5IeG9KByXB44B
    Amulet depends on enemies/preference. You can swap between Paladin - Demolisher - Marauder - Berserker. I usually use Paladin, since the passive sustain it gives is useful against the current high damage builds. Also staying in fight for longer means more damage.

    If all you want to do is dealing damage, I would say try using explo - firearms - tools, with static discharge. Although I wouldn't really recommend using it, as experienced players survive the burst, and anything with a gap closer deals with you instantly: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAQlZw+YHMRmKOWLvrOA-z5IeG9KBKYBYrB

  • If I'm not mistaken, throwing Grenade Barrage slightly behind people ( so the outer ring of the AOE is barely touching them ) causes it to deal more damage because it has a greater chance of all the grenades passing through the target.

    I could be wrong though as I literally never use Grenade Kit so you might want to experiment with that on golems first or something.

    There are a couple different builds you can try for a very high burst, but all of them are extremely high risk as well. You'll get deleted real quick if you don't know how to kite, juke, position, etc. so if you do decide to try any of these I'm giving fair warning that it will not be easy. They all have a 100 - 0 burst potential if you use it right, but it also means putting yourself in melee range so you'll have to be extra certain about when you want to make the attempt.

    Incendiary Discharge
    Fire Discharge
    Static Shocker
    Suicide Shocker

    Suicide Shocker is the build I used to get my Champion Genius title roughly 2 years ago. Aim-Assisted Rocket and Takedown Round also used to deal much higher damage however so back then, it was a lot more potent.

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    maybe try adding rifle turret to your build since you running static discharge
    im gona try rifle turret and either tool kit or battering ram and cuz toolbelt skills give vigor i ll remove the 50% endurance regen for Kinetic battery

    battering ram toolbelt skill does big damage but tool kit has a pull and a block and melee attacks for those pesky enemies with reflect and anti projectile fields