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ICEBROOD SAGA [Suggestion/Spoiler] what would you have liked to see in the Sanctuary ?!

Excuse me, I’m French : sorry in advance for spelling mistakes or if sometimes the meaning of words is strange.

As the answer suggests, my question is this: what would you have liked to see in the Sanctuary of Aureene, the Eye of the North: as an evolutionary body as is the Refuge of the Sun.
Example: Systems, mechanics, shortcuts, utility, HV5 scenario, etc.

Je vous laisse développer vos idées et votre créativité ! :blush:

I would have liked the instance to evolve as we did the Refuge du Soleil (see better).

  • Extend the crystalline decor, a little more via a success or a quest, so that it can be repaired.
  • Maybe be able to "interact" with it ?!
  • Since Aurene is the Prismatic Ancestral Dragon, and since she is in the North : she may be compared to a Aurora Borealis, I would have liked that this aurora borealis/austral extends over the whole Northern Eye, from the central room, with the divination basin.
  • Perhaps it will be possible to unlock things to display : like the North Eye in the past, exhibiting our various trophies for the room: to represent the World of Tyria. (planet) : in the form of success.
  • To be able to restore the North Eye and restore part of its former splendour.
  • Be able to decorate the North Eye?! Like the halls of Guilde and be able to develop the profession of Illustrator.
  • To be able to review the most important cinemamatics of the History of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 : via Scrying Pool.


  • The Addition of very important PNJ to be unlocked ?
  • Create special Masteries to unlock or improve the Aurene Sanctuary ?
  • Create a set of Weapons in connection with Aurene (Prismatic Weapons): unlock them via a PNJ that appears after completing the final success. (Buy the recipe via a game currency)
  • The return of pnj Zephyrites and the Flower of Cristale to Aurene.
  • Bring elements of Lore, being able to converse with Aurène on several discussions.
  • Be able to obtain several other various awards: Armor of the Champion of Aurene, Dorsale of Aurene, etc.. (and high equipment).
  • Make sure that in the end, the most important characters (and always with us) are there and interoperable. (With dialogues of ambiances, etc.)
  • There should also be sellers (of recipes or various items) : on Guild furniture/etc.
  • Many successes, some that bring color, or other things
  • Perhaps create a portal that Aurene would have created to connect the Refuge of the Sun and the Eye of the North ?! (And see PNJ crossing it, in both directions: etc.).

This is mainly the idea that I could imagine, perhaps creating a secondary quest system one day: Aurene’s Challenge, which bring us a little to the right to the left to do this thing : to improve the Eye of the North, or to get things (success or titles, etc.).

What would you like to see? :)