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Shadows In The Ice Buglist

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Just the one's I've encountered... Hope I can be of some help to Anet and others that are wondering if they're alone with these issues.

  • Using the special action laser while in bull form at the event moving the large boulders to the center shrine will cause you to get stuck in bull form after the event is completed with no special action key to leave it. If you get downed, you regain the special action, so you can then can use bull form anywhere on the map!

  • The Trial of Koda fishing event with the primer activated at the north of Fractured Lake glitches at the end and never completes, with the counter for adding additional fish never increasing once it gets stuck. Not sure what caused it but the map stayed bugged.

  • Koda Be Praised achievements not being counted, even when waiting at the preliminary spot for event start. Had to do repeats of each string of events for hours to get them to finally count.

  • Defeating bosses in Sanctum Areana is not counting progress to Sanctifier achievement.

Feel free to add more below.


  • for the koda be praised part , are u completing the trial pre before finishing the event? finishing the pre when the event is done but still have 30ish sec on timer wont give credit

  • Oh yes. I had waited at each specific point running through each of the events, and making sure the primer bar had filled before continuing.