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That one time a trait shines

Ceit.1869Ceit.1869 Member ✭✭

So people down on traits like Escape Artist & Desperate Decoy, but I don't think they're giving enough credit to the careful design work that went into these choices. They're both perfect for builds that spend most of their time getting knocked off mounts in PvE and desperately spamming stealth & clones for daze & distraction while they run screaming. Naturalists studying Pocket Raptors who hate to use weapon or mobility skills can benefit from it even more.

Rending Shatter combines two synonyms which makes it twice as cool. Phantasmal Fury is great if you're running the very large set of traits that only trigger on your illusions' crits, not your own. "Method of Madness" is a huge buff over "Descent into Madness". Descent was very situational since you only got the light show when you hit, but Method can actually look like a disco before you die from the falling damage!

Really I think that as a community we're not looking at the upside of things. We have plenty of time for contemplation while we're hitting downed and desperately hitting heal, let's take advantage of it.