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Which chapter should I complet first by lvl 80 ?

Hi guys, I had my frist lvl 80 character last week and it was kinda fast with all the tome you collect while playing this game. So now I have started the PoF chapter but I know realise its probably wasn't the best thing to do. I don't have a glider yet and reading the forums I start to get the idea I should had started with HoT probably for stuff like tinkets and rings..

Anyone may give me some advice on that ?


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    If you open your story journal the game's stories are listed in chronological order. If you want the (almost) full story experience, go through that one top to bottom (almost because season 1 unfortunately is unavailable as that was a series of time-limited events, but there is a short recap available in Lion's Arch).

    There are however two exceptions: Playing the first chapter of Path of Fire unlocks the (basic) raptor mount, that makes moving through maps a lot easier. Similarly, playing the first chapter of Heart of Thorns unlocks the (basic) gliding mastery, although you will have to play a bit on the Verdant Brink map to gain enough mastery experience to actually be able to use gliding.

    If you don't much care about the story you can go in any order you like. Check out the masteries and decide which ones you would like to train first, then play in the respective areas (HoT and Season 3 for HoT masteries, PoF and Season 4 for PoF masteries, Season 5/Icebrood Saga for Icebrood Saga masteries, and Core Tyria for core masteries) to gain mastery experience and mastery points.

    Like most of the rest of the game, it's really up to you where you go and what you do. Having access to mounts and gliding does make moving around a lot easier, but the rest is personal preference. Easiest really is to just play whatever looks fun to you, and go from there. That way mastery experience and points will come naturally while you play and enjoy yourself.

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    @DAFA4D98-D2FB-4706-BFB3-11AD6089059B said:
    Hi guys, I had my frist lvl 80 character last week and it was kinda fast with all the tome you collect while playing this game. So now I have started the PoF chapter but I know realise its probably wasn't the best thing to do. I don't have a glider yet and reading the forums I start to get the idea I should had started with HoT probably for stuff like tinkets and rings..

    Anyone may give me some advice on that ?

    Its good to unlock Raptor and maybe Springer if you can find your way to the north map and get the Masteries without story spoiling. At least get your mount.

    Then its good to get the glider and complete your basic movement availability. Doing HoT would be much easier with raptor and springer at least unlocked.

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    Don't worry to much about ascended trinkets and rings and any ascended gear if you are a new lvl 80. Exotic (orange) does it just fine. Play whatever you enjoy and worry about gear later when you will need to.

  • tl;dr; pick activities that you may like and fix yourself small goals. Once the goal is attained move on, don't get pulled here or there and loose focus.

    I disagree with the person just above me. It is easy saying "go do whatever" but the game bloats you with tons of currencies and incentives and it's very easy getting lost and kitten around to the infinite.

    You want to start with PoF to unlock mounts and access to maps that have decent events to farm.

    Masteries are account bound. It is very important to level them up. Path of Fire and Base Game masteries are the most important. You want fractal mastery, "resurection" upgrade and auto loot(yes lol) from base game and some mount mastery upgrades(from PoF) asap. Don't bother with legendary crafting at first, it took me few hours to unlock the recipe of a precursor weapon, I don't have the tradeskill to craft it xd and it's clearly the cheapest part anyway.

    For gold farming there are few ways of making gold but none feels "poggers":

    • working around Market: Usually you can try putting buy orders if you want an item to save few silvers on bigger items. You can do more, but actually just using the market properly is a big gain.
    • passive accumulation: daily quests(3po in 2 to 15mn if you need a pvp game) and login rewards. I do not do them because I feel like it's alienating, but it's a grave mistake. Login rewards give a stacking permanent account buffs that reward massively people who do that everyday for a long period of time.
    • semi passive accumulation: fractals, timed crafting, setting characters at the end of puzzle jumps for daily openings, gardening ressources(gathering hubs)
    • active accumulation: doing bus farming, dungeon speedrunning(the repetable quest is nuts)
    • converting in game currencies like karma or laurels to things that sell
    • hunting achievements. Achievements hunting is the most daunting prospect but the account bonuses get pretty great pretty fast. I'd recommend anyone to try and get to 15K achievment asap if they want to commit heavily on this game. Some players are at 40K+ already.
    • map completion farming. Create a new character and do the whole game content at 100% (each map), chances to get Lion's key and it provides 2 items needed to craft legendary equipments(2 are needed for 2 handers). Usually you want to gear your character at some points in order to steamroll the game tho.

    GW2 efficieny site helps a lot on farming.

    • 1) get yourself a full berserker exotic gear, if you can't afford exotic pieces just buy rares or eventual cheaper alternatives in the meantime. Try to match a guide so you don't theorycraft yourself. You'll get rekt here or there(low survivability) but you'll do enough damage so you can do all content easily and fast enough.
    • 2) arbitrate what is your favorite playstyle and netpick a build that fits it and start building the gear, there are big chances it will end up beeing way more expensive than berserker tho :), start full exotic then replace trinkets one by one with ones you get from living world 3 and 4 and add infusions to those in order to do higher difficulty fractals, it's how your ramp up your farm reliably. Add infusions to your ascended trinkets (costs a bit). Ascended trinkets give the biggest stat bump on ascended gear and are farmable in the outworld.
    • 3) farm yourself Exotic weapons. PoF collections provide some.
    • 4) buy or acquire by any means necessary(cf wiki) the last armor pieces needed(you may have droped some you can reroll from fractal chests that you'll need to reroll) and ofc add infusion slots. Ascended armors are considered low value dps wise but keep in mind that these have also higher armor. For raid and stuff perspectives these are the least importants and most expensive but these provide a noticeable buff to your character nonetheless.
    • 5) After managing to get a full ascended double infused gear what remains is: minmaxing raid clears, farming legendary equiment(there are not only weapons), hunting achievements, skin collections, pvp ladderboards(wich is another story), doing story content when it gets released.

    What I tryed and do not recommend you doing:

    • 1 ) Trying to get a legendary weapon by yourself. I'm kind of half way through it but it feels so horrible and I have so much others things to do that the project is on hold, also I started with the idea and in mind to get the double legendary 2h sword wich is dumb as f.
    • 2) The wyvern mount in LW4. I got mad, half way or so in with a galoreception of collections that make you go in group spots where it dicey solo with my half assed noob build
    • 3) PvP with a PVE build. I do my dailies with a pve build and I have to play extremly smart to have some impact while some players just BM all the way through the fights and it's fine.
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    Just get the basic glider in HoT which only takes a few minutes. then jump into PoF to get the mounts. Mounts will make HoT such much more enjoyable cause you will be able to skip all the trash and get to the things you really want to do. I also recommend focusing on unlocking all the masteries the sooner you are done those the better. You will be able to keep leveling and collecting spirit shards which you will need a ton of if you want to craft a legendary and it is a great way to get cheap t6 mats by upgrading them in the mystic toilet.

    Don't worry about ascended gear, aside from agony resistance infusions the difference between those and exotic is only 5%. I recently completed soloed my way through both xpacs and all the seasons with only exotic gear. When you are ready for ascended gear I recommend this order trinklets>weapons>armor. Trinkets and weapons well get you enough infusion slots to to get you up to fractal level 50. By then you should have enough gold mats and relics to get your armor and with a bit of luck you will have dropped a piece or 2 along the way.