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Skipping the story

Hello - I have been playing for a few weeks, and made it to 80th level. The Victory or Death story adventure is driving me crazy, I cannot get past the airship being attacked by 2 dragons dropping Risen. At this point is just frustrating and boring to die, be revived by Caithe, die, revived, die, etc until I have had enough (hours) and log out. When I log back in, it's start with 'collect the power cores' again, and another hour+ to get to the 2 dragons and live.die.repeat all over again. There is NO WAY I will be able to take out Zhaitan with my thief if I can't even do this.

That is the other hard part: if I log out (I don't have much of a life, but sometimes I do need to go out, eat, sleep, go to work) it kicks me back to 'meet Caithe and collect the power cores' again - and that just sucks.

If I move on and skip it, I still have that little green star in the upper right corner telling me how to get back to it, and NOT how to get to anything else. What do I do? I am okay skipping the story, but I want that green star to realize I am skipping it, too, and go away!

Am I missing something? Can the story be turned off?

Thank you!


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    • You cannot skip story in general but you CAN leave it be by go to story journal and pick another story line like living world etc. The final option is to turn off quests and stuffs tracker completely by go into setting there should be a set of drop boxes that allowed you to turn off personal story/events/off.
    • May i ask what gear setup and build are you playing right now ? This is a really common problem for new players especially when they try to solo story quest. You should at least try to overcome the obstacles rather than avoiding it. Thief is one of the most sustain class are there in the game while able to put out a lots of dps. I'm guessing the problem here are probably gears and traits.

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    That is one of the more annoying parts of the story. The way I do it is to focus on clearing enemies which appear on the deck of the ship, then shoot the dragons with the cannon in between when you're not getting attacked, it's slow but there's no time limit and it's faster than dying and starting over. You could also buy yourself some extra time by using a stealth skill like Shadow Refuge either just before getting on the cannon or when enemies appear. Alternatively you could ask someone to do the story with you and then one of you can clear enemies and heal the other person while they fire the cannons at the dragons.

    But if you want to skip it you can. If you don't want to do the story at all you can simply ignore the green marker and do whatever you want to do instead. (It's only a story marker, it will never point you to other activities, even after you've finished the story.) If you want to do a different storyline open the Hero panel, go to the Story Journal (star icon on the left side) and choose the one you want to do.

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  • Good advice given above - another option is to bring other players to do Victory or Death with you - just one more is immensly helpful for that phase! Are you playing on NA or EU? If on EU feel free to add me and I'll help!

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    The story gets much, much harder than this later on, so you may want to consider build and playing style deficiencies and adjust as needed to clear it, rather than just giving up and trying to move on. If nothing else, an ally can enter the mission with you and help.

    Just a helpful tip, Thief has very low health (~10k), and its good to wear Vitality gear. Try to use a mix of Valkyrie's and Knight's gear instead of Berserker's, and it should go a long way towards keeping you alive. It can also be helpful when soloing to ditch physical damage all together and go for condition builds, which tend to be much tankier since you can take damage, defense, and healing.

    It also gets easier with the expansions where you have a subclass, Daredevil is alot more defensive than Core Thief.

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    Like the others already said, a lot depends on the gear and build you are using.
    Furthermore thief isn't exactly the easiest profession/class.

    Maybe you could post your build, so we could see if there could made be some adjustments to make it easier.

    If you've chosen everything get the quicklink and post it here.

  • You guys are amazing - thank you so much! LOTS of advice. Really, though, I don't have an issue with skiping, I like exploring more than I like killing, and having a task (even fighting enemies) constantly interrupted by fighting OTHER enemies gets so frustrating to me: "kill THAT guy, who wlil spawn those other things that will attack until he is dead" is fine for a while, but after a while it drives me crazy. I know it's a combat based game, and that I am in the minority when it comes to that.

    I am on the NA server

    In the meantime, I may postpone the thief and work the ranger through it, and see how she does. I will look at re-equipping with Vitality gear. Bringnig a friend may be difficult, as I only have ONE friend! I am a bit of a loner....

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    There's a lot of guilds out there that don't care if you want to be a loner mostly. My guild for instance - it consists of mostly older married people. But it doesn't really require me to do anything on any given day. Sure they do group Fractales and stuff. But you don't have to participate. You don't even have to represent the guild all the time.

    But whenever I'm stuck on hard content I can't clear, I've always been able to go on guild chat on a Saturday and say "help" and get a couple kindly souls to group up with me and bail me out.

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    I would help you, as I'm doing Story with few characters, and actually got my current one on the chapter just before that.
    However, I'm in EU, so I'm not sure if we can party up.

    You already got very good advice; I'd just add the following.
    Get to the cannon on left and fire 2 or 3 shots at that dragon. Then activate shield.
    Immediately get out, dodge, and get on the right cannon, activate shield. Get out. Deal with pesky minions if any.
    If you have time get on the left cannon again and fire till he flies off.
    Rinse and repeat till the left one is down.
    Then it's easier to deal with just the one.

    Another tip.
    If your hp drops bellow 50% dodge away towards caithe and heal.

  • @Claudia.1693 said:
    There is NO WAY I will be able to take out Zhaitan with my thief if I can't even do this.

    Without giving anything away: Yes you can take him out once you're past this.

    That is the other hard part: if I log out (I don't have much of a life, but sometimes I do need to go out, eat, sleep, go to work) it kicks me back to 'meet Caithe and collect the power cores' again - and that just sucks.

    Longer instances like this definitely need a checkpoint system of some sort.

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