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Questions about TACO

Hi guys
I have some problems with Taco that I can't solve.
On the game map I see that the doll's cursor has a kind of red-yellow stain around it.

It seems that the map is covered with spots in the movements of the doll and many times when I see the map I don't even know which way the doll is facing..
Is it possible to disable this effect on Taco? I can't find an option for that or I didn't notice that there is an option.
What if I want to disconnect these yellow balls from the routes that appear on the map and keep only the marks of the things I want to do on the map is it possible? If so how do I do it?
These yellow balls on the game map are also boring in several cases I have seen that you can disable the marks in-game but if I try to do it on the map I get no marks when I just wanted to disable these yellow balls from the routes.

How to solve these problems, especially the problem of the spot above the doll's cursor on the game map?
I have last version of Taco.

thank yours guis


  • I hate to ask, but what is TACO?

  • Taco is a tactical overlay that displays a lot of useful information to the player
    The yellow balls tend to relate to a farming path and you can go into the options and there should be a checkbox that relates to that given path and it should still leave the rest of the markers for the map. If you have any custom marker packs like one from Tekkit's Workshop will have their own section. Not sure if that helps but I hope it does a little.