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fequrent fps crashs

anyone having issues with fps going from 40/50 to to 1 for a few seconds all the time?

this is with a rx5700 and i5 8600k with 16gb of ram
used to be fine but games now unplayable like this


  • What are your ingame settings and your collission sensitivity setting? Have you set the correct settings in your graphics card control panel?
    Have you monitored your cpu/gpu usage and have you tried to repair the gameclient:)?

    (UwU OwO)

  • chris.9142chris.9142 Member ✭✭

    well this issue is still there despite many driver reinstalls
    it happens on every game detaill setting from the hioghest to the very lowest
    tried repair the game client gpu useage just drops like a tank from 60-70 the about 2 when the fps drops occour its like it stop rending the game most often happens when travling around or when a large grooup comes into view