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WVW rangers with the incoming balance patch.

I open the tread for main wvw rangers after patch.

While im still trying to figure out what to do with my build (untouched since POF : bruiser build with sword/axe and axe/warhorn, WS, BM, SB, using different mix of stats and different runes) where the loss of either the owl or the smokescale is a huge tradeoff compared to other professions, I feel like (LB/GS) hero/pewpew/tower rangers (whatever you like to call them) are really buffed.

Why ? because there is no tradeoff for this type of gameplay where they almost have no reason anymore to unmerge from the owl. Look at build with WS/NM/SB, they keep everything: damage, sustain, heal, mobility. Good luck to catch them, good luck to kill them twice (with Eternal Bond). The only reason to keep merging/unmerging is to get perma Vigor with Spirited Arrival + the new Unstoppable Union (on top of Lightning Reflexes) , like the boon we couldn’t maintain yet…

I could be wrong, but I feel like the more you improved your skills, the more you dedicated time to master SB, the harder you’re hurt with the patch. What do you think? how do you see your future in wvw ?