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Differences of Profession/Race combinations

I'm just talking visuals, not power creep.

Ranger -- Have the different ranger races be able to tame pets unique to the race.

Necromancer -- summoned minions take a different form given the necromancer's race: sylvari - leafy, root-like minions; Asura - mechanical golems; Norn - beasts of the north; ... etc.

Those are the two that easily come to mind.

I see no difference playing a Norn/Charr/Asura/Human MM Necro.

Ask a child a question and you'll get a childish answer.


  • Seera.5916Seera.5916 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ranger's is fine as long as those unique pets are unique skins of existing pets or if Norn gets Pet 1 Skin A, then Asura need to get Pet 1, Skin B.

    Otherwise those unique pets will either have to be so watered down that no one uses them except for very casual play like the racial skills are today OR people will demand that you have to be X race if you're a ranger on Y build because of the unique pet.

    An example of this done right are the pets earned from the Hall of Monuments for players who played GW1 - they are just skins of existing pets.