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CPU and GPU load pretty low, but still low FPS. i7 7700K GTX 1070

I feel like my computer should handle this game better than it does. I've got the specs in title and 16 GB RAM (2800MHz).
Running on Windows 10 with the latest updates.
The low framerate is really making my head hurt!

World PvE - FPS 40-70 (not on group events, then its more like 25-30fps)

CPU Load 30-50%
CPU Temp 60-70 celcius

GPU Load 30-50%
GPU Temp 70 celcius (fan speed 27%)

In city with alot of ppl around - FPS 20-50

CPU Load 35-60%
CPU Temp 60-75 celcius

GPU Load 20-40%
GPU Temp 57-63 celcius

Is there anything I can do to make the game use more of my CPU and GPU and therefor increase my FPS?


  • Is your cpu load across all cores or just one? You need to look at single core load as the game isn't multithreaded very well.

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    Would be nice if you posted a screen of your graphic settings and to know what speed your CPU is at when running GW.
    Quick FPS test at Mistlock Observatory with 3700x + 1660super at 1080p:

  • I can't understand why you're complaining. I've been playing gw2 for almost 3 years and always played with fps around 20-25. And look that I am an amateur player of pve, whenever I make the goals events, my fps is between 1-5. And you there complaining that your fps is between 40-70. Man, you are in paradise and you are not seeing, thank and enjoy while you have.

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    A general rule is if your gpu is showing lower usage than 95% and you don't limit your fps with vsync or an fps limiter, then you are cpu bound - no matter what your cpu usage says, because this indicator is way too unreliable.

    Your fps are normal for your cpu.

    You can switch to the thread view in the windows taskmanager to show each of the 8 threads your cpu has sparately. I am pretty sure one of them is at 100% most of the time - there you have your limit.

    The main settings in the game to improve cpu performance are shadows (not ambient occlusion! - this is a gpu setting) and reflections. The reflection setting is very situational, but lowering the shadowquality should have an effect pretty much everywhere. You can also decrease the draw distance, but personally I am not a big fan of it because in wvw then you will receive damage without seeing where it comes from.