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DPS Firebrand, still viable please help new player?

I am a new player and i have been looking around at what to play. I would love to be able to play solo but I really enjoy playing in groups as well. I was thinking between mesmer, ele and necro but then I discovered the firebrand build. I was wondering can this build be used as DPS spec or will I get flamed by other elitists that I am playing it wrong and I have to respec. I was also curious would this spec fall more into the caster magey type spec or more into melee dps spec? Also how would it be leveling this character and then doing end game things including pvp? Thank you so much for all your help, it is greatly appreciated


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    In short: yes, dps Firebrand is viable.

    Longer answer:

    • the main power dps for guardian is DH (and to some extent core guardian)
    • power Firebrand can still put out some good damage, but will usually get run as power-boon-dps, providing quickness to his party
    • condition damage firebrand is absolute top tier dps

    Most of the guardian damage builds use greatsword, scepter, focus, sword, axe or torch. The class playes rather melee oriented, but you can make a Longbow Dragonhunter for open world things.

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    Burn firebrand

    Don't Worry, My Dutch is OK

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    Im not about raiding but fractals(including cm), dungeons and group open world content.

    Power firebrand with some boon duration is good for every content. Good damage and high uptime of quickness and other boons (depends on build).
    Condi firebrand have most powerful condi burst in the game. But in term of dps not top tier despite that persone above said so. Also very easy to gear because you don't need viper gear. All you need is 100% burning duration.

    Comfortable keybinds is very important if you want to use class on it's full potential. Sometimes f2 and f3 will save some lifes even if you pure dps.