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Change daily events for better map population

As a preface, I play in pacific time zone (PST), usually around 11 PM, which I know is not ideal play time. However, that is when I'm generally available to play, so suggestions to play at a different time really are not useful, nor do they solve the problem for people even more time zone challenged.
Recently, I found that I needed map currencies (HoT, geodes from dry top). The best way to get those is by doing map events. However, some events are difficult/impossible without decent sized groups (champions, or the metas on HoT maps), and even for other events, the more players participating, the faster the event typically completes, so you get more currency in the given time (Drytop has the other mechanic where as events are done, the favor of zephyrites increases, which means you get more loot for the same events than if done at a lower tier)
However, the few times any of those maps happened to in the daily event rotation, even at that time night, population was large and getting events done was easy. So my suggestion is this:
In addition to the existing daily (gatherer, vista viewer/mini game/etc), there are 2 different maps available for map events. 1 would be the core maps - getting people to do events there can be useful for things like collections that requiring killing champions. The second would be a rotation of the LS2/HoT/PoF maps (of which there are about a dozen total).
In addition, like how the LS3 and LS4 is done, these would be on a fixed schedule, so I could know that next Tuesday may be Auric Basin, and Friday after that would be Silverwastes as an example. As is now, one has no idea when a map may show up - I've been waiting for Elon Riverlands bounty hunter for a couple weeks now.
I hope there is enough population to support this - if not, then there are probably bigger issues with server population that needs to be addressed (or maps otherwise rebalanced).


  • You mean add back in more Dailies? They just reduced the list; probably be some time before they think about making it larger, again (it will already be increasing again with some new releases).
    Still, you never know.

    Good luck.

  • keenedge.9675keenedge.9675 Member ✭✭✭
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    I think the recent change to rotating dailies within a set of Living World Season maps was a good one. If people need things from Draconis, they should wait for the Draconis map to be the selected Daily and do them then. They will be more likely to get help.

    Perhaps a posted schedule for the Living world dailies would help bring more attention and allow players to take advantage of the rotating dailies.

    As a long time player, struggling for a start to my night, I run dailies and PSNA vendors and my favorite loot maps. While I do this, I use a mentor tag to mark any events I find to help others notice them while I do the event. If it's a group event, I put up a squad marker because it has a bit more 'magnetism'.

    Otherwise, when festivals run, they suck the life out of all but the most recent maps. Especially since, Bjora released during a festival, the rest of the game will be quite barren. It will be worse when SAB and Halloween roll through again. People sell their souls to farm those festivals to chase the loot containers.

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    I was think that the two map event dailies would be part of the choices for the standard daily that you get 10 AP/2 gold for. Since they already show up in that rotation, it shouldn't really dilute things that much more, and I don't see much harm in there being more choices for what dailies one may want to do.
    While festivals and new maps may also draw players, I did LFG last night (after festival ended), and nothing was going on in the HoT maps. However, at least one time during the festival, I think it was Verdant Brink was in the daily, and there were lots of people playing it (same for Drytop), so it being in the daily does make a big difference.
    I suspect as much as anything else, people know the map will be populated and find it more interesting to play - people certainly weren't leaving Drytop after they got their 4 events.
    Or maybe another way to do this would be to add increased rewards (higher drop rate or something on this day). Mostly, just needing some carrot to get people onto the map, then other people see the map is populated and play it, and it continues.
    But I'd also like some defined schedule, so I could just know when I might be able to visit certain maps and get the currency I need.

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Fortunately I can still find enough players when I'm online, but I understand your problem. Recently it happened for a quest for a legendary: I had to kill a champion (or maybe it was a legy) in Auric Basin, and I had to wait several days before finding enough people for the event (AB is usually populated, but people are mainly interested in the meta, or HP run, not side events). Luckily HoT went "free" few weeks before, so I didn't wait weeks/months, but I'm aware that players that want to complete old achievements can have problems.

    I'm not sure the core maps need more overpowered lv80 players on them, in addition to the current daily rotation (usually there are enough players for world bosses), but I would definitely add some HoT/LW/PoF map with difficult achievements (Lake Doric over Bitterfrost for example). But I like more your idea of a fixed schedule, so that people can organize themselves better.
    Like: on Monday you'll get a bonus for completing events in Sandswept Isles, on Tuesday in Crystal Oasis, Wednesday is Dry Top day and so on. The bonus can be something like more MF, that stacks in % and depletes over time if you don't do anything (like in WvW) or some other small buff. So people will stop farming only Silverwastes and they will move to different maps everyday, more or less.

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    why? the main reason dayli change population
    so please no

  • Chichimec.9364Chichimec.9364 Member ✭✭✭

    Don't know if this would help or not but you might think about switching to an EU server. I live in the central U.S. but play on EU server because my first guild was on that server and I never bothered to switch back to a U.S. one. It makes for some interesting game time strategies. 9 pm my time is 3 am GMT which is an excellent time for solo roaming in WvW. If I've done the time conversions right, admittedly not one of my strong suits, your 11 pm log in time would put you at 7 am GMT which might help you catch early morning EU players doing their dailies. Just a thought.

  • Solvar.7953Solvar.7953 Member ✭✭✭

    The one thing I sometimes get at 11 PM PST is the APAC players, as it is afternoon for them.
    I don't really want to change servers - I'd go from pretty low lag to high, but also occasionally I do play at other times where there is decent US population (say 8 PM PST), which would now be dead (4 AM) on an EU server.
    Note that right now, there is pretty much at least 1 or 2 dailies for the core maps (between vista viewer, gatherer, or event completion). I don't think there being a daily event every day would add more to the core maps. Though the opposite could happen - if they have choice of going to LS2 of HoT maps for the daily instead, they could go there, and therefor not have enough people on the core maps for some events.
    Presumably the entire point of the daily stuff is to try to get players on some of these different maps. I guess my thought is the HoT/PoF/LS2 maps are more interesting (or more in need of repeat content) than the core maps.