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Rent a Warclaw?

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I can only witness how we lose new players for wvw because they get demotivated due to having no warclaw. They are always late on action. They fail to arrive on time for sentries, camps, killing Lords, and so on... To change the concept is not necessary, but my idea is, as soon as they have points to put on the warclaw mastery track, they could have the possibility to rent a warclaw, like it is possible for other mounts in PvE?

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    Or they could just run with EB pug zerg commanders like normal because if they run mounted they usually have a snake the length of spawn to keep.

    When commanders do mount up... Like 48 out of 50 mount with them and the remaining 2 are often picking their noses in spawn.

    If WvW loose people on that basis, its a negligable factor.

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    I have several accounts and as a vet still get frustrated trying to get warclaw upon new account purchase.
    For me: I was always late to caps leading to missing out on Xp. Xp used to get proofs of heroics upon level to unlock elite specs.

    I wasn’t able to keep my normal maxed participation due to being late to caps, fights, camps, or getting picked off as the tail. Getting picked off being the worst case scenario. The run is now that much longer to get back to tag... being slow as dog kitten. Without participation you loose progress on your WvW track to warclaw.

    Missing caps and fights also leads to missing out of badges of honor needed to purchase warclaw. I ended up using 12 skirmish chests to get the last badges I needed.

    Being a vet and loving WvW I truly almost lost motivation to even stay in WvW long enough to finish the kitten track. I was bleeding participation every time I “just follow a tag in ebg” and therefore took longer to get my warclaw. I can’t tell you home many times I was 1 step away from tower lord circle, camp or sentry when it capped.

    I truly believe it’s discouraging for new ppl to go through this process. Both my hubs and I said this last round that we would never have stayed with WvW if it was this way years ago. This is very bad for our community. As much as new ppl may effect us negatively (thinking troll tact pulls, rally bots, uplevels, off tag, new rangers 😂, lack of team play builds) we still need new ppl to grow our game mode. They can and will learn, but only I conducive environments.

    I don’t have a solution, but rental would have been nice.

    For me, because I have know the game mode, I found it much easier to roam towards warclaw and follow tag only for keep or when guilds I like we’re running. Guilds willing to see new ppl, or in my case vets without warclaw, succeed were willing to walk on foot. I can’t tell you how many times SOAR would walk on foot for new ppl behind us. DUSK was really good about that too. There are other coms who actually ask in map what new ppl need for there warclaw. This is a lot more positive for our community then giving some bland non helpful response for our people trying to learn, and enjoy WvW

    Reasons roaming worked for me to get warclaw:
    I was able to set my own pace, therefore I didn’t miss caps. I knew how to place hidden siege by tower, and cap on own with minimal risk. I was able to keep participation up. As boring as it was, I could just hop maps and repeatedly cap camps by spawn so I didn’t have to run my dog shut slow behind all over the mists.

    Good luck out there new ppl, and vets trying to get warclaw.

    I hope anet comes up with a solution. Soon (tm)

  • I just recently got a friend into GW2, specifically for the WvW.

    100%, absolutely, without a kitten doubt... the achievement to unlock the Warclaw for him has been the worst nightmare.

    It makes absolutely no sense. These are new players trying to get accustomed to the mode but your going to handicap them right off the bat? It's the biggest discouragment that exists in WvW right now and is a reason why so many new players just don't even bother.


  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It was only suggested, by multiple people (myself included), the week the Warclaw was introduced to the game... Probably somewhere in the 'laying the groundwork' process.

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    IMHO: The rental should cost 2 gold per calendar day (i.e. until midnight). Done. Then you can get your daily and pay for the rental with it. That seems like it should be easy to implement with the only downside that F2P players get to play WvW. Oh no! ... oh hang on... that's a good thing!

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  • Voltekka.2375Voltekka.2375 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, warclaw rental should be a thing, this is 2020 and Anet's plans for the year still dont include the word "alliances". May as well make some peoples' lives easier

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    We must also consider that the times people can play aren't always the times there are people running around or commanding - I think this needs to be looked at again to be something independant of those things because as it is right now it is a detriment to newer players. As I suggested before, I would rather see a "base warclaw" unlocked upon at least finishing the warclaw reward track, where it only gives base speed increases, nothing else, no skills, no nothing, just base speed increase to get from point A to B. Everything else to do with warclaw, you need to finish the collection. A rental would also be nice, but I think just completing the reward track is enough punishment just to unlock it for newer players. Of course it's easy for veterans who've played years and played 24/7 to unlock it, but do we really need another absolutely frustrating experience for those wanting to dabble into WvW? They have to learn many things, like what the game mode is about, safe passages of travel, shortest distances of travel, learning their skills, learning their class or build roles, learning to defend/attack/roam/scout/etc. People seem to forget that people complained about being able to reach commander, and we got warclaws - but they forget now that getting to commander/group who is mounted is even MORE difficult and slower than before. They do not have the know-how veterans have, some don't have no-life schedules as some of us do - I would rather have them eased into the mode than outright get disgusted from playing it because of endless frustrations. If I had my way I'd rather remove it completely from all the extra troubles it has caused, or at the very least, remove everything (skills, hp, no cc, leaps) from the warclaw except speed. I still personally believe besides mounts, the gliders should also be made available to all.

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    Warclaw was WvW's greatest sin. All it did was divide the dwindling playerbase and prevent newcomers from joining.

    hope the $25 mount pack was worth it Anet

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  • I'm sure warclaw rental is part of the plan for WvW - if only they had someone assigned to do the work.

  • It's not the warclaw causing people to leave. It is interesting that it has become a wall keeping new players out though. The best solution has already been mentioned above. Automatic unlock for all accounts and make the reward track about unlocking the additional skills. I got my warclaw week one and still stay out of WvW. It just hasn't been fun in a long time. Zerging is not fun.

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    @Blockhead Magee.3092 said:
    I'm sure warclaw rental is part of the plan for WvW - if only they had someone assigned to do the work.

    It’ll be right out after alliances

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    I don't think that the warclaw should be an automatic unlock. It's like other mounts, there is a work to do to get it and that's fair enough on my opinion. But for all other mounts, there is a rental system. Why not for the warclaw? I believe that the same could be easily implemented in WvW.

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  • Work? It took one reward track. That is just an annoying hinderance at best. Rental or automatic unlock, either is fine but even with this problem solved WvW does not draw people in right now.

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