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Played since gw1- You may not agree- This Saga- Is a guessing game as to what it is to be done- Very little in game information is giving about the questing procedure to the player - As of what is required to complete most advancements - Is Esp may be required ?- This Saga Seems to be layered - So If I don't complete this - Are future adventures over? This game needs some grit- Feel like I'm wasting my time playing - Grind make gold- Heaps of - Buy stuff - Make stuff- Sell stuff- Where is the actual game play? Anyway- just putting it out there - Future game suggestions welcomed- Just send to me- Leave the community who enjoy keep doing so- Love this dam game but getting boring - :)


  • lack of Dulfy

  • I completely disagree with you on episode 2. The main story makes you do the shrines, random map events, random drakkar events including breaking totems. Every time you do one of those events alittle achievement pops up telling you you will be rewarded for completing these events over and over again. If you feel like you have no idea what to do on the map, it is only because of willing ignorance. The only thing that isn't explained is the trials of koda (group content) or the 3 jps, I assume because they are disliked from the vocal minority of casuals they keep getting feedback from.
    Episode 1 also forced you to learn about the maps in the same way. You learn about the camp raiding and stopping the necromancer ritual, unfortunately after completing this once, there was no real reason to keep doing them.