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Paid PoF deluxe and did not receive anything.

I have purchased the Path Of Fire deluxe upgrade from the official site 2 days ago and i have received nothing. No character slots , no Heart of Thorns expansion , no 80 boosts NOTHING. The only thing i THINK i got was the plain Path Of Fire expansion since it says Active in my account overview but i cant test it for sure if i am not at least 80lvl (Not even sure about this im a newb).
I have opened a ticket in which a guy responded asking me for details which i swiftly provided within 10 minutes but here i am without any response yet. The state i am in right now is that i have paid for a package which i have not received, have no idea if i am receiving it, have no idea if i'm getting my money back and worst of all have no idea if anyone is actually following my case through. As a web developer who worked in 3 different companies, in all of them we always prioritized this kind of tickets which actually were coming directly to us when received because this is considered Fraud if a customer pays and does not receives or gets compensated. So i find this unacceptable (AND illegal) from such a big and reputable company.
AT LEAST a response with an update of whats happening would suffice.


  • The CS Team allows 72 hours for the first response (after the near-immediate automated reply), and then your ticket is handled in the order in which it was received (by the appropriate team).
    You can update your ticket and ask about progress (which will insure it has not been inadvertently closed).

    Did you purchase the expansion or the upgrade from the Gem Store? They are two very different things.

    Good luck.

  • I did ask for an update but i doubt i will get any response during the weekend.
    No i have bought the game from . I clicked on +Upgrade through my Game Content tab inside my account and purchased the game from that website which i was redirected to.
    I would not have a problem with waiting a ticket getting resolved but i hope you realize the difference of actually paying for something and not receiving it but also not receiving any actual information of what is happening with your money or your case in general.

  • Okay i MAY overreacted a bit and panicked more than i should. i did get a response. i will leave more info here when and if this gets resolved.

  • I have been refunded by the company so all is good now. Thank you for resolving the issue !