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Super Adventure Box- Suggestion

I know there has been a lot of pointless discussions over this thread , but a man has to keep trying.
1. If you are not planning to release the rest 2 worlds can you sum it up in 1 world so we can find some closure?
2. Even if we cant get that new World , could we at least get new achievements/rewards or maybe like super armor collection?
Adding gemstore items only to annual events isnt content and it wont keep this community alive for long .
There are so many people that love SAB out there , myself included. At this point, though, i dont find a reason to do World 1 and 2 again since i have finished up all collections and achievements from normal and tribulation mode alike. I hate to see this event get burried like the other annual events with meaningless annual rewards and updates.
Please show some love to SAB again.


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    edited February 9, 2020

    Well it lead to nowhere making 1 million threads. I love SAB, I have all the main achievs. Even have red bauble infusion (did 16x each zone of w1 in tribulation). Only 5 of each of w2 trib I think. I would like to see world 3/4, would not be surprised that they aren't made because there is an underwater level. (W3-2 or W3-3). As you said, I don't care if they fuse the two worlds, just want to save Miya.

    Sad to see they don't care of what they created. Devs, in case you are passing here, link to my thread: but there is several other players commenting on it, just use search option and type "SAB"

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