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Why weren't the Dragon Champions included in Personal Story?

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So I was playing a mission just before, and saw tequalt in the mission instance.
It sparked a question.
Why do you think that the Dragon Champions, such as Tequalt, Claw of Jormag, and Kralkatorik's Shatterer were never included in the Personal Story?

We get to fight one in Claw Island, but is that Tequalt?
I've done it so many times, but I'm not sure.

I think it would have been a really neat part of the story.

Your thoughts?


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    Shatterer and Jormag were unrelated to the plot which focussed on Zhaitan (and we had already levelled to fighting Zhaitan's minions by the time we met them so they couldn't fit the pre-Order stories. Back during the core, my understanding was that open world fights were more geared to us being "mercenaries" rather than the Commander we were to become, so in essence we were playing two different characters. They closed that gap later.

    Tequatl also didn't really have any effect on the central plot initially, but that got a bit muddled when it did become part of the "plot" in LS1, but really like the other 2 Dragon Champs, Tequatl represents a map side story rather than part of the central narrative. The Claw Island Dragon is Blightghast. I forget the names of the ones attacking our airship at the end.

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    Eyes, Mouths of Zaithan are champion like no? Also that named flying dragons in last personal history chapter are probably champions too.

    Because of Orr, Zaithan had near infinite source of "important" magic handlers, mainly the corrupted gods priestess.

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  • We fight dozens of dragon champions in the personal story, but since it focused on Zhaitan, it primarily focused on Zhaitan's. Keep in mind that not all dragon champions are dragon-shaped like Tequatl, Claw of Jormag, etc. Those are merely the most powerful dragon champions - but others, like all the High Priests/Priestesses of the temple metas - also exist.

    In the personal story, we fight four of Zhaitan's dragon-shaped champions as mentioned above, as well as several Eyes of Zhaitan and two Mouths of Zhaitan. We also fight some other, more humanoid, dragon champions such as Labwan the Deceiver and Dzhudin Stormbreak.


    We don't fight many of the non-Zhaitan dragon champions in the personal story since they're not the focus - the racial sympathies (and some norn PS) do have us fight some lesser champions though (as does Honor of the Waves dungeon).

    In the later stories, that focus on other Elder Dragons, we fight their champions more frequently - Shadow of the Dragon and Faolain in Mordremoth's plot; The Shatterer and some branded wyverns for Kralkatorrik. Drakkar and the Fraenir for Jormag.

    It should be noted that the stories are designed to go hand-in-hand with the map's stories as well. So while the Commander has those official assignemnts of killing Eyes and Mouths, there's also the side-plot of taking the temples and Gates of Arah, each held by other dragon champions.

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