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Can't renew paypal information in gem store

Hello, I added a paypal account to the gem store. Since I prefer confirmation prior to each purchase, I immediately deactivated Digital Oceans as an automatically approved source in my paypal account. Now I would like to buy more gems, however, the gem store attempts to immediately authorize the transactions in the store instead of re-prompting me. Since it did not register itself as a subscription in paypal, it can't be reactivated either. All the posts that say you can go to the Gem Store, select any amount with your remembered payment option, then forget billing data are incorrect. This option does not exist.

This means that I am unable to purchase gems from the gem shop as I cannot re-authorize paypal through your system, nor through paypal since the payment type was not properly registered. I will only use paypal to buy gems, I will not put my credit card in the in-game store as this has shaken my belief that payment information is handled with care. Is there some way that this can be fixed without having to go through a lengthy customer service ticket process?


  • No one can change your account sans the CS Team. Most of my tickets are resolved within 2 or 3 hours, if not much less.

    Good luck.