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Herald Needs Serious Teleportation Nerf



  • @Shao.7236 said:
    Guard has the lowest health pool because they have a strongest utility set out of the three heavies that isn't put into a timely playstyle with either i-frames, instant access and AoE dominance. With that many Aegis that can often force or prevent anything from players, it entirely justifies why they went that way, as you should look also from either Elite specs point of view for Thief and Elementalist as well, imagine how awful it would be to deal with higher base health of these professions if it was a thing, to have them require some vitality balances that out.

    Hmm I'm not entirely certain why you are bothering here with your argument because I was just going with sarcasm and I wasn't arguing for or against any class's viability . To be blunt I have played every class(including their Elites) in most of the different game modes (PvE , PvP , and WvW) to varing degrees(To be honest with varying degrees of success) and every class has their strengths and weakness and every class has gone through their up and downs due various changes to mechanics and balance patches so for myself when so many players go with these blanket statements that class XYZ is over powered and its been always been buffed while "their" class is always getting nerfed I just find that laughable and have make fun of it (yes I have my bias but I try to be honest with myself on it.)
    Hopefully that is a little clearer where I was coming from.

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  • @Halikus.1406 said:
    Alright, can you give a rest already? Do you know how to ask anything but nerfs to other classes that's not yours? How about you learn to play properly and COUNTER instead of coming to the forums everytime class X or Y do something to you...
    Everyone is getting nerfs on the next patch, including revs mobility obviously, you would know that if you had read something else than ranger's notes :)

    This is how a response looks by someone whos getting way too many advantages, and trying to weasel their way into pretending it aint so.

    This is exactly what us mirages backed up in the corner said, but you know what, the nerfs were still coming because they don't want anyone to have freely so much power to just overrule itemization such as speed runes etc making no sense when classes also thief got chain teleports for days.

  • Psycoprophet.8107Psycoprophet.8107 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Oh look another thread where mirage players swarm to to say another class needs a nerf and theirs are underpowered lmao, give it a rest guys. Man that class attracts a type obviously lol

  • Psycoprophet.8107Psycoprophet.8107 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Revs fine after the changes and needs love in some of the areas of renegade and certainty doesn't need nerfs to its tele's as that's part of shire's identity. Done the line if damage on them needs adjustments so be it but stop trying to have all classes ruined just cuz ur pissy about ur classes changes, most of them were justifiable.