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Packet Loss Does Not Reconnect

Context: Recently came back to the game after a 7-8 month long hiatus. I have always been prone to a packet loss or two every hour or so, which typically meant me lagging out for about 3-5 seconds before rubber banding back into place. Unfortunately, upon my return, I noticed that whenever I get a packet loss I now disconnect indefinitely, no longer able to cast skills and seeing other players just walking into walls. I also apparently go offline in my friends list, only to immediately reconnect. While I am in this state, I can still interact with other players through chat but my game, for all intents in purposes, is "locked out" forcing me to go back to character select and relog back in. This naturally makes the game extremely difficult to play, especially for WvW or PvP

I am assuming this is an intentional change to combat rubber banding, but I truthfully don't actually know. I have followed the FAQ for lagging/connectivity, including repairing the client and all the base options. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.