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Skills. Your ideas. For fun.

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Just a fun one.
Post your skill ideas.


  • Revenant should get a new legend, called Trahearne Legend. All skills would be shouts, and, of course, all of them inspired by what we heard from Trahearne, such as:
    "The Pale Tree guide you." (Healing skill) — Heal yourself and gain protection.

    • 30s CD
    • Heal: 6420
    • Protection: 3 seconds
    • Remove 2 conditions from yourself

    "Commander, to me!" (Utility skill #1) — summon an ally to fight for you.

    • Upkeep: -6
    • Summon a completly random character that fights at your side.

    "This won't end well—for you" (Utility skill #2) — Immobilize your target. Your next 3 attacks have increased damage and inflict vulnerability.

    • Energy cost: 30
    • Immobilize: 3s
    • Damage increase: 25%
    • Vulnerability per hit: 2 stacks for 5 seconds.

    "Lead the way, Commander." (Utility skill #3) — Remove movement-impairing conditions from yourself and gain superspeed. Cripple your foes.

    • Superspeed duration per condition: 2 seconds.
    • Cripple: 5 seconds.
      *_ Breaks Stun._

    "Die by my hand!" (Elite) — Daze your foes and grant yourself boons.

    • Energy cost: 50
    • Your enemies gets dazed for 3 seconds due to ultimate cringe.
    • Fury: 10 seconds.
    • Retaliation: 5 seconds.
    • Might (10 stacks): 10 seconds.
    • Unblockable.

    There should be also a set of skills called "Memelord".
    (Chuckles) I'm in danger (Healing skill) — Taunts nearby healer to you.

    Trololo — Protect yourself from incoming damage and return everything to your foe after a delay.

    • Duration: 3 seconds.

    Never Gonna Give You Up — Set a trap that makes /dance to everyone who trigger it.

    • On trigger: Torment (5 stacks): 10 seconds.
    • Second hit: /dance for 5 seconds.

    "Why Are You Running?" — Make your foe flee in terror.

    • Fear: 2 seconds.
    • Torment (3 stacks): 5 seconds.

    OOF (Elite) — Redirect next incoming lethal blow to a random player.

    • Duration: 5 seconds.

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