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  • I gotta say for the few months I've been in this guild, it's by far the best guild I've joined! Everybody is extremely friendly, really helpful and we're always trying to encourage fellow guild members to help each other out! We do everything from raiding, raid training, fractals (t1-t4), CM training, and guild missions! Overall it's a very active guild with lots of helpful members within it that loves to go out of their way to help others out even if it may take a few hours! Hope to see more beautiful faces join us! :)

  • NA or EU?

    Also maybe mention raiding time if you can :)

  • The people in this guild have been super helpful to me and are committed to helping others learn. There's some decent high level players in here too :)

  • Guild is NA and as for raid times that would depend on the raid leader,atm we have one raid static that runs saturday 2 hrs before reset and have a training run on fridays.We are looking for raid leaders so we can cover more time slots.

  • Ah, that's too bad for me. Good luck with your search!

  • Hello,
    I'm returning from a hiatus from the game with excitement about all the new upcoming changes. I've been in guilds like Apex, vX, RED, guild leader of Ohboi, was in the Desert Squad, and many other guilds. I've led raid on maguma server years ago and I'm looking to start raid leading again, but I don't want to recruit and I don't want to pugmand. I'm willing to train and I'm patient. Wipes are a chance to learn so I'm good with having a mix of skill level. Contact me in game @ Ham N Beans if your interested. I have a few questions to ask as well. :)

  • hey and yeah I apologize we are a pve guild and not a wvw guild will add PVE to title lol

  • I love this guild best guild ever! AAAAAH!

    No but in all seriousness. This guild has been super helpful. Would love to invite more to continue to help and be part of this lovely group of people. C:

  • Just wanted to mention that I just had an extremely unpleasant and toxic encounter with a member of this guild.

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    @TheBellman.9640 said:
    Just wanted to mention that I just had an extremely unpleasant and toxic encounter with a member of this guild.

    this guild is ever growing, we have people come and go, and those that are toxic usually don't stick around here as we remove them from the guild after 2 or 3 offenses. This guild is one of the most active guilds on NA. We are communitydriven, we always push out those that don't fit this friendly atmosphere or inactive out of guild. So there are always people to hang out with and meet new friends. But sometimes behaviors go both ways, I don't know what happen, who that member is, or what you might of done. If you are looking for real community, I suggest you come try us out and see for yourself how it is here ^_^

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    old post removing and updating it :3