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[MAG][NA] Gigahertz Gaming: Focused PC Community EST|Discord|Adult| Building Friendships - WvW/PvP

Gigahertz Gaming is recruiting for our GW2 Guild and PC Gaming Community.

[GHz] seeks to develop new gaming friendships through recruitment and conversation, and we hope to meet more like-minded players to game with.

We play a variety of games, with hosted events in Destiny 2, Guild Wars 2, Vermintide 2, Paladins, and other games. We also host party game nights to have fun with Tabletop Simulator and Jackbox. If you're looking for a place to meet friends, and actually game with them, then join GHz Gaming.


  • Location: North American (eastern based)
  • Communication: Discord and Guilded.
  • Activity: Weeknights 5-11 PM eastern and weekends are always active
  • Rules: Standard – No toxic behavior; no racism, no harassment
  • Atmosphere: Adult; We are an 18+ community, so we naturally curse and swear a lot

Focused Gaming

We use a focused approach at GHz. We do not want to support too many different titles and have activity decrease. We want to have fewer, but highly supported games. Therefore, we will only focus a few titles at a time.

At this time we focus Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2 and Paladins. We also schedule events in other games, and host community-pick nights where we post a poll and play what the community votes on. We are always re-evaluating our focus, and we will shift into other games in the future. That's what GHz is about: maintaining our group of friends through a collective community and having fun together.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Info

Guild Wars 2: We are located on the Maguuma NA server and have a level 57 guild, equipped with a near-max guild hall. We focus on WvW and PvP content, however, we do dabble in PvE from time to time. We do not raid or run high-level FoTM, but any member is welcome to seek those adventures in other guilds. We do not have any representation or activity requirements.

The Gigahertz Gaming Community is built to last. We adapt to gaming trends, and we want to continue gaming with our friends for as long as possible.

As we move onward and upward, we seek more players that have aspirations to lead. If you're interested in contributing to the success of a close-knit gaming community then we can certainly use your help.

Discord: Obran#8184