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Translation to other languages! PLZ!

My English through a translator. I will say that I played for a long time, left, returned, and so on several times.
I really liked the game and here's the question. How much time and attention do developers need to translate the game into other languages, in particular I speak Russian.
Bloggers ask, fans ask, even in the TESO project decided to announce the Russian language, I personally know a good hundred people who want to play this game and would like to, but English is not enough to understand banal even in the menu!
Please, if your competitors have noticed this, try to pay attention to it. No one talks about full-fledged localization, and subtitles are enough for everyone.

Thank you for letting me leave this message.

I also want to Express my thanks to all those who met in the game and raised me, I often keep silent in the chat, because I can not answer in full English, but I understand that I write players (I'm like a puppy):))) I'm happy to play with you, but I want to attract more people from my native segment.

People play games like Warcraft only because it is localized, Teso is played through a pirate translator and now it is not required. Although objectively, in the game WoW, now it is much inferior to GW2!


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    Hi Puppy! (We normally have lots of kittens here)
    Russian is quite a big language, so I somewhat wonder why no translation was made back in 2012 when this game was new. Translating would be quite costly so I have some doubts if it will happen now with the slimmed down ArenaNet. Still, I have the feeling that it could be worth it for Russian.

    Google translate to Russian:

    Привет щенок! (У нас обычно много котят здесь)
    Русский язык довольно большой, поэтому я немного удивляюсь, почему не было перевода в 2012 году, когда эта игра была новой. Перевод будет довольно дорогостоящим, поэтому у меня есть некоторые сомнения, произойдет ли это сейчас с уменьшенной ArenaNet. Тем не менее, у меня такое ощущение, что это может стоить того для русских.

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  • @TheQuickFox.3826 said:
    Still, I have the feeling that it could be worth it for Russian.

    Thank you for your attention, once again I am glad that I play with responsive and kind players, save you Tyria! )

  • I would do the translation for free to your language but the company doesn't care

  • @PORCO.8364 said:
    I would do the translation for free to your language but the company doesn't care

    However, it is already worth it to Express gratitude )

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    I know Russian people from another game I played ages ago. Very small community. They spoke a bit English and the game was English only. Nice people and it is a big country and I'm sure there are a lot of people that play (and some that would play but aren't playing yet because they are not good at English) and even pay.

    It is good to have more players - keeps the game more fun and helps keeping it alive longer. So I'm not against this suggestion. If it is too expensive (translation cost and not too many new paying players to be expected) then the option for fan translations wouldn't be a bad thing I guess. Would need some technical work to set something up but could then be used for other languages as well.