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Glyph of the Stars: Animation (and Bug?)

Za Shaloc.3908Za Shaloc.3908 Member ✭✭✭✭

With the upcoming balance patch, I have been dusting off my Druid to try to rummage a decent support build for WvW because the spec has a special place in my heart. General viability aside, I have really been enjoying Glyph of the Stars a whole lot. Although it is very niche and can be difficult to find just the right circumstances to use it, I do really like the effects both in and out of CA. With rez skills and traits seeing severe nerfs, I imagine this skill could gain some momentum considering it is getting a significant cooldown reduction and no nerfs to its rez effectiveness. I know it is an unpopular skill, but I genuinely believe that the animation needs better visual clarity. It is rather hard to see in large groups, and the visual effects that do exist for it currently don't indicate very well of its effective area. Considering it is called Glyph of the Stars, I think it'd be pretty cool to have it be more reflective of that and for it be a thematically appropriate dome with stars, similar in style to Winds of Enchantment, another major denial skill. Clear animations for impactful skills are important for both ally and enemy alike; not knowing why your condis aren't sticking or why your cleave isn't working are very important thing to be aware of.

I also wanted to add that I cannot seem to gain any sort of water field from the non-CA version of this. I am assuming this is a bug?