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Servers are back up

mikethethird.5178mikethethird.5178 Member
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Servers Are back up


  • ... with limited account functionality. Friends list, LFG and Guilds are still down.

  • All up and working for me now, including Friends list, LFG, and Guilds. Thanks for nailing this ANet!

  • Drakomagi.1654Drakomagi.1654 Member ✭✭
    edited February 12, 2020

    Some guild chat's are still not working. I can chat in some of my other guilds that I'm not representing, but not in the one that I am. Bug persists when I switch, but I still can't talk in the one I want to talk in.
    I usually represent g4 on my list. When I switch to g2 or g5, I can talk in those normally, but not g4, even with the /g4 command.

    Friends list is spotty at best.