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Destroying achievement reward and reclaiming it

SirDamdus.4052SirDamdus.4052 Member
edited February 12, 2020 in Players Helping Players

Hi, I have purely hypothetical question. If you destroy achievement reward eg this is there a way to get her back without contacting support. I saw that in the achievement tab is small window with rewards to reclaim. You know, I didn't do something like that xD I was just wondering what if. Thanks in advance.


  • Jayden Reese.9542Jayden Reese.9542 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Support only. I mean I assume you had to type Princess to delete. That is the fail safe so you don't but this should be easy for support to replace.

  • And just to reinforce part of Jayden's point, support is extremely helpful and responsive in cases like these. I wouldn't feel any hesitation in submitting a ticket. In all likelihood you'll have your item back in a business day if your situation is valid.