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"The Game client lost it's connection" After Up-Date.

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I didn't play the game after the patch yesterday but before it the game was running fine and dandy, no probs.
Today when I log in I had 8 times "The game client lost it's connection to the server. Please wait a few minutes before restarting the client and trying again. (Code=7:11:3:191:101) in the last 30mins. It's just the game going, I'm watching the BBC iPlayer and streaming music at the same time and no probs with them.
Went off to reset my router just in case, but nope kicked 3 times again in 20mins.
Just gone again. Well off to play something else.


  • Got a nice text for Virgin this morning "sorry for any inconvenience caused while working in your area".
    Thanks Virgin you could of told me before hand!