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Will balance patch bring stomping back into style?

Sergo.2867Sergo.2867 Member ✭✭

When damage is reduced across the board, will it make sense to go for the stomp more than the burn down?


  • Fearless.3569Fearless.3569 Member ✭✭✭

    More than likely no. Because numbers will always be able to defend against stomps. However numbers can't completely defend against ranged AOE pressure on downs. So I believe that cleaving the down will still be superior unless mount stomping.

  • GewRoo.4172GewRoo.4172 Member ✭✭✭

    @GewRoo.4172 said:
    Considering damage is going to be nerfed across the board i wonder how this patch is going to affect scenarios with downstates in (smaller) team fights. As far as I know resurrection is not touched in terms of capability which should make it harder to finish downed opponents - especially in 1v2 scenarios. I am pretty sure stomps are going to be much more important than they are now.

    On the other hand some downstate abilities are already pretty 'annoying' - both Ranger 3 and Guardian 3 can turn entire fights if a team is not able to finish in time and the dmg of Necromancer is already way too high imo. Any thoughts?

    Let's see about the altered ranged AOE pressure when health pools and resurrection capabilities aren't touched at all. Wouldn't say stomps are mandatory but I can't see "cleaving the downed" work in outnumbered situations right now.

  • Ashkew.6584Ashkew.6584 Member ✭✭✭

    cleaving also has some benifits next to killing the downed, it pressures the ppl ressing and results in them blowing cooldowns