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[Playable] Downloading the Correct Bytes


  1. You may have noticed that when a map is loading you get alot of useful information with the "-maploadinfo" command line parameter.
  2. The bytes downloaded when the game is ready to play through the launcher and the bytes downloaded when actually playing the game are different.
  3. When STATE_MAP_READY is about to launch the map and there is 97.86% of models injected into the CPU there seems to be a 2% / 3% of override that isn't necessary / related to corrupted bytes
  4. When you look for sPvP hotjoin servers and spectate a specific map to download the map, the bytes downloaded via hotjoin servers and the ones downloaded by the actual launcher might be different.
  5. When joining a sPvP game and downloading the game with the -image parameter it seems like the Map IP is renewing between matches.
  6. When you download Revenge of the Capricorn which doesnt seem to show up from hotjoin official servers (Server 001, Server 002 etc.) but from servers hosted by people it seems to call for a function that will make the Map IP the same regardless of the map you play on after exiting a map ?
  7. Are hotjoin servers hosted by players really manipulated through ssh / sql attacks to modify your game binaries and possibly your account data ?
  8. Having to constantly launch the game with -assetsrv -patchconnections 1 and -maploadinfo really breaks the experience. Also having to revisit every single map for easter eggs is really not everyone's cup of tea.

On a side note, purple fashion is absolutely absurd. I can't count how many gaming studios out there are competing to get the most purple shades.