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Making GOMerica Great Again (Rebuilding Na WvW Scene)

Hey there buddies, Welcome to F I T 's GOMerica. This is an open community for people looking for bags and dank memes. We also are aiming to get better and increase the popularity of WvW again in NA. Voice Comms are required to participate in game. Spying is fine with me as long as you help out both sides. We are looking for content just like everyone else. Please try to leave all drama out of this community.
Just a little bit about myself. Hai im Fit and i've ran a few guilds in my day. Starting with Bard my first ever guild. It was on Sor way back in 2014-2015 and was a decent size. We would mostly ppt but we excelled at fighting as well. Fast forward a little bit and its mid 2017 and i made a new guild [Gate] This guild was more focused on zerg busting and just grabbing bags. Heres a link to check out a bit of what [Gate] was like We chose Gom as a lower populated server to get more people here. With love, F I T
P.S. Come join our Discord and chat with us ^_^


  • Do your pass times involve kissing your sister, liberating oil rich countries and hunting down communist? Well look no further, GOMerica wants you in her ranks. LF active wvw/dank memers. join our open guild/community NOW!

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