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Alteration in Asura Sitting Animation: Intentional or Coding Error?

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While going about the usual GW2 business on our beloved asuran characters, a friend and I discovered an alteration in the model's sitting animation. Usually, our favorite miniature geniuses are seen wearing a little smile while sitting down to rest their tired feet:

We observed that, instead, those adorable smiles had changed into angry frowns.

Was this an intentional change that went unannounced, or is this simply an error in coding? We're sincerely hoping for the latter.


With further investigation, we discovered that the smile which typically comes hand-in-hand with the sitting animation was instead placed on the new /shiver animation:

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  • To add to the discussion, it appears several emotes on asura specifically change the expression on the face from the normal rested position to a more pouty face. It's more visible on /sit, /dance, /threaten, /sleep and many others. There are some emotes, like /rockout and /crossarms that don't seem to be affected by this.

    It goes without saying that we aren't pleased with the changes, and hoping for this to be a visual bug to be resolved.

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    Yep, can confirm the bug for one of those emotes, at least: just tried /dance on my female asura.

    ...someone's forcing her to do the Robot at gunpoint, evidently. What happened to the adorable little grin asura used to sport when dancing? :( This is sad...I hope this can be fixed soon!

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  • The bug unfortunately persists after the major patch that dropped this week.
    Arena Net, please, address this soon!