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Bought the expansion. How long do I have to wait to play?

I bought the expansion pof and hot a couple of hours ago. When i visit the account site, the option to buy the bundle is stil there. The money was transfered imediately but the expansion is not registered in game, nor did I get an e-mail. Is this normal, just poor communication or went something wrong?


  • MikeG.6389MikeG.6389 Member ✭✭✭

    Have you tried logging in to the game itself? (The installer can be downloaded even if you aren't logged in, by the way, and running it will download the latest version of the game in full.)

  • What does it show when you access 'My Account' (link below)?
    As above, have you downloaded and entered the game?

    Be aware; sometimes it takes a few hours for the Serial Key to be sent, if this is not an upgrade to an existing account.
    You can always contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below if you continue to have issue.

    Good luck.

  • it is an existing account i tried several times to relog. The website my account shows nothing (I could buy it again). I wrote the support. I guess it´s waiting time now. Thanks for the answers

  • @Xayde.7610 I have the same problem as you. I bought the expansions on February 15 and I still haven't unlocked the expansions. I received an email to my account when I bought the game I had to wait 48 hours to activate :o . I check my bank account and it has already been debited. If the code doesn't arrive within a few hours, I will write to support. Have you written to support ?... What have they told you?