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[NA] [PvX] Late night, casual player LFG for all content

Hi! So, I've played on and off (mostly off) since beta but have never really had more than a couple of friends to run content with, much less a guild. I've been thinking about diving back in lately so I'm looking to change that. :3

Usually I'll be available 9 or 10 pm EST on weekdays for several hours. Weekends are variable but I'm often around. I dabble in most classes but mesmer is my main, followed by elementalist. The content I've played the most is spvp and my rank is typically low plat, but I would like to do more fractals and other pve content as well.

For a prospective guild, I'd prefer something smaller, but a larger guild is fine if you're proactive in including new members in activities. I'm fairly shy and can take a while to be comfortable around new people.

I'm looking for a guild without a strict rep requirement--if we mesh I would rep anyway, and if not then the guild probably isn't a good fit.

Finally, the guild should be open-minded and inclusive toward diverse identities. If racist/transphobic/etc garbage is a staple in guild chat I'm not interested.

I think that about sums it up. Feel free to add me on discord at Lan#1312 or message me here or in game if you think I'd be a good fit for your guild. Thanks for reading!


  • Do you like to roleplay?

  • Hey man, I lead the GW2 subset of Polarity Gaming Network [PGN]. We are a small-medium sized guild that primarily does PvE, but we have several dedicated PvP players as well. Our PvP officer is a plat player as well so you may have someone to duo queue with! The other officers and myself are also putting together a raid static as well as fractal static, and we run open world PvE daily starting at reset. Hmu on discord, dhayes#8555 or in game.