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Am I doing right being a healer in my fractal group?

For my group I am talking about five non-experienced players who started from fractal level 1 going up knowing only about base mechanics read/saw in guides.

T1 was easy, T2 started (at some insta+bosses combo above lvl 35) showing no mercy. Then my question is:

Moving from a Tempest to a Firebrand Healer will help this group breath and learn what is happening around or will it only blind us about our flaws?

Ps: group has a renegade, warrior banner, dragonhunter, reaper and me (tempest for now). Besides of myself, I don't intend to force others change their classes/specs.

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  • rogermkiihl.1967rogermkiihl.1967 Member ✭✭
    edited February 15, 2020

    @Cyninja.2954 said:
    Both, but what you can do is make a Firebrand with both a quickbrand setup and heal setup

    Interesting. Starts with both of them until I can split them and use one or other in different situations.

  • @Safandula.8723 said:
    If u want to complet dailies easy just go heal fb.
    If u want to improve, u can play without healer for most of the Time.

    Great. That's the group goal: learn. We decided to instead of blindly follow meta just try and learn until we could by our efforts understand what meta is about.

  • xDudisx.5914xDudisx.5914 Member ✭✭✭

    II would go with the heal FB. If the rev and the other 3 dps are good you can clear all T4 dailies in under 30min even with 1 guy running full minstrel no dmg FB.

    Having one support class in your grupo makes it way easier. Considering you're group is non-experienced I would heavily recommend you to go with 1 support FB.

    Also, for pugging it way better to play as a heal FB than a dps. With a Heal FB you can carry even terrible groups if you know what you are doing

  • Henry.5713Henry.5713 Member ✭✭✭✭

    There is no need to stress yourself over this. Use what is needed to make the runs smooth while you are just starting out. Stick to using that Heal FB until everything feels like a breeze. You will know the difference then and you will be able to judge whether it is worth it for your group to replace the healer.

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