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Is there any good reason why mesmer healer is not used?

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I was looking into how much i could push a mesmer healing and it appears to me it can do a lot of raw healing possible the highest sustained healing around. And i was wondering, is there any good reason they are not used?

I was making a pure minstrel healer setup to see what i could do and i ended up with a build that could:
- 30k+ healing per 15 seconds more or less sustained with around 10-15k of which can be saved for burst every 10-15 sec
- maintain permanent quickness for group
- a lot of stability and a little aegis to group
- the choice between either going for alacrity which can give you ability to give maybe 70% alacrity uptime with a window of was it around 45 or 50 seconds nonstop alacrity per each continuum or going for a build using focus for pulling packs/cc and a group aegis well on demand which i find is one of the strongest defensive abilties in the game hands down.
- strong cc break on demand
- random small things like chaos storm and projectile reflection and up to 20+ stacks of vulnerability contantly added with perfect execution - did i mention pulls
- even more stability and permanent alacrity for self

The thought behind it all was i wanted to make a healer support with a lot of stability and aegis protection for group which allows easy facerolling of fractals in random group - and it appears to me mesmer just might be the best. Additionally most of the healing can be done with almost no effort spamming mantras, and the only removely difficult aspect of the base form of things are weaving in clones to keep alacrity/quickness up + continuum shield+1well but that's not too hard.

Am i missing something here?


  • Crackmonster.2790Crackmonster.2790 Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 29, 2020

    The only problems i could see as well, is that the radius is lowish and the response time is lowish too, it takes 4.5 seconds(lets say 5) to disk out 14k heal. Also it is true that it lacks might. I don't consider regeneration deficiency a problem, its sustained healing is excellent.

    However nearly all healing come from mantra spam and the radius is 360 which is quite large. Wells suck for healing. The radius for quickness and alacrity is larger than for example guardian so that's a non-concern.

    But it appears to me mesmer healer is undervalued. If it did bring might stacking as well it could do alacrity, quickness, healing, might, vulnerability nearly all on it's own. On top of that it's possibly the healer with most aegis/stability as well which i find to be very strong playing with randoms in fractals for carrying them through. When i list the advantages they are showing up as more numerous than most other healers, with mainly the downside of slow application(but strong sustained healing), and lacking might. Also it lacks healing traits for resurrecting, the one competes with the essential mantra heal trait so it won't get taken for a healer ever.

    It is almost impossible to find any serious attempt at a mesmer healing build and most you find are years old - it is as though everyone think it's healing could just as well be deleted but i think you could probably heal anything on it.