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Why do hl players help ll players if they are just going to be toxic?

I haven't been on the game for over 2 years and decided get back into it. I'm a fresh level 80, so where 3 other people in the dungeon, alongside a very high level player. This was my first time in this dungeon too, I asked 2 others and it was theirs too.

We got through the first half fine, a few deaths from all but it wasn't so bad thanks to the hl player. The hl player didn't say a word or communicate the entire time we was just following and figuring it out as we went along.

It then got to a part where he wanted to skip for a shortcut, he set up a portal as we was being swarmed by enemies and we all missed it. He them sais something about how did we miss it right in front of us and that it's crazy obvious and so on. I then apologised and said "Sorry didn't see it" and he then proceded to insult me and say indirect things to me basically saying I'm stupid. That 'I should know what a portal looks like by now," "your a mesmer come on" and more. I explained it I know what a portal looks like I just didn't see it and apologised again. Regardless while this was going on we had to take the long route without him because he refused to come back down to help the team.

He was insulting us the entire time comparing us to children, ect. "Don't reply to me in that tone" just acting very supirior.

He then started to say we should be thankful he carried us and that he refuses to help finish as we are capable to do it alone. So we proceded on and the other 3 teamates decided to kick him due to being afk while spamming us with ,"you guys can do it" "you can do it alone go on"

(I thought maybe harsh to kick but they all agreed that he was just being rude at this point)

We contuned on and finished without him regardless of what he said that we "needed him to carry us" he said "this is what I get for being a nice guy" and sending messages to everyone like so afterwards.

Just in general it made the entire thing depressing, even after an apology multiple times he would not let it go and decided to "teach us a lesson" by making us do it alone. But I never asked to be carried, I just wanted to play a dungeon, I don't understand why players like this who claim they are "nice people" and want to help low level if they're just going to act like theyre supior and treat us like garbage while we kiss their ego, then if anybody replies they get mad because we are not showering them with thanks for helping newbies?

Like I am greatful for the help but that doesn't mean it's okay to talk down to us like we're nothing? Just teach us the right way to do it and move on, that's what any mature adult would do in the real world.

He also said normal players would kick imidiatly, but regardless I would just que up again and start again. It's not about other players it's about you as a player, it was his attitude that made the entire team feel bad for being new. You cannot act like you are being the nice guy if your actions are the complete opposite.


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    He also said he has run the dungeon countless times and does it to carry people and that people should be more thankful. I was thankful for the help, but not the way you treated us.

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    If you are new to a dungeon use the lfg in that way and tell people that you are new. Also don't join groups with abbreviations in the lfg you don't understand! Best is to open an own group via the tool and write: "First time, relaxing run" and trust me in 99% of those advertisements everything's going to be fine.

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    I take it the Dungeon's Caudecus' Manor.

    It has nothing to do with skill level, more likely that in rare chances you have simply met a player with mentality issues.

    Sounds to me even his methods are half baked because he has done poorly to keep the party in sync.

    As a veteran dungeon runner myself, we always know the protocols to link skill or inform, and label a rally point before proceeding with stealth or portals, this way we could unify our methods and avoid unnecessary delays to proceed forward.

    Most dungeon veterans nowadays should be pretty tolerant of newbie mistakes, at worst they simply went ahead and clear everything for you.

    Don't let a single experience discourage you.

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    PUGs get that sometimes. For a long time i hated dungeon pugging too (and i still REFUSE to do caudecus' manor without friends nowadays) because you get players who want to speedrun and ONLY do the optimal methods (and there are very few of these i don't hate doing) and players who just wanna do the content normally, as well as new players who don't know how to do either- and the less confident new players don't often even wanna try speedrun methods even if some are as simple as "wait for portal". Caudecus' manor is particarly prone to this, my time pugging manor is about 75% speedrunners, 25% new players who give up immediately as soon as it reaches a hard part (and there are hard parts in all 3 explorables). Ofc, not all speedrunners are bad - there definitely ARE salty speedrun obsessed people who get mad whenever people play the game normally whether they have speedrun knoweldge or not, but i'd say the sheer majority of speedrunners either don't speedrun if the group doesn't wanna, gives proper instructions and doesn't mind losing time in teaching a skip, or just goes off on their own, or leaves the group without a word.

    Some people just suck, and this is true of any game and all content with random groupfinding methods.

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    Thank you everyone, very helpful and I will carry on giving it ago to. :)

    I had to close the game yesterday after it because it makes you feel terrible and puts off going forward. I'm deffiantly going to try some of the tips today though.

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    Okay so I logged back in and the guy had messaged me 9 times and then blocked me,

    He swears multiple times in them and calls me a "moron" and "R***rd" he said for 7 years he's never seen newbies struggle with a portal before and that this is our fault not his. He said "I don't understand why newbies don't admit mistakes and get offeneded"

    He calims he is a nice guy and has never liked the way others treat newbies, but he was doing exactly the things he says he hates so I just don't get it.

    He said I took it out of proportion and he wasn't trying to insult me. He litrally said we're stupid for missing it and we apologised and he carried on and on on explained how stupid we was instead of just moving on, and I mean like litrally standing still and talking for 30 mins while we attempted to go the path alone. I accepted the mistake and said sorry is that not enough? He also says I'm lying that we did see it, but why would I intentionally not take something helping us? We was being spammed by enemies and I'm on a very low end laptop so it lags alot. But it must of been confusing because the other 3 people also missed it. He seems to have a grudge against me because I was the only one who apologised, everyone else was saying "just can we carry on" but the guy was acting like he was telling me off for "daring to talk back to him" he compared it to "telling off a child", saying I should't respond to him. As he is doing "all the work"

    He said others would of reacted worse than him, and that makes him a nice. It is not an excuse to act supirior, we all just wanted to play and he is the one who blew it out of proportion. He was saying things like "I'm tired I can't go on" and taunting us to go alone. He said in the last message, you needed to learn a lesson so he made us to the end alone, to understand how much he is giving to us?

    We didn't ask for his help again the lfg was plain, no requirements or description. I'm pretty sure he joined it too and not created it, but I was the last to join so I don't know.

    He also targeted me alone and said I was the one who single handedly kicked him when it was actually the 3 other players decision, they all said he was in the wrong. They tried to settle it, move on, he stood afk waiting for us to do it while talking so that was their justification for kicking him and it was overall creating a toxic aura around the entire team.

    He also said new players are too entitled and need to be taught lessons, but how is apologising for making a mistake entitled? I'm pretty sure he does this commonly with people if he experiencing this all the time.

    I just felt I needed to update as he messaged then blocked me so he could have the last say I guess?

    Qoute from one of his messages "people don't want to deal with clueless re--rds, there is truth behind justifying being sh---y to newbies, I don't always agree with it but this merely confirms it"

    I have reported him and deleted the messages, ready to move on and hope I don't encounter anybody like that again :)

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    I hope you blocked them back so they cant just unblock and continue to send msgs, they can see when your online on their blocklist.

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    They don't represent the majority. There will be plenty of those people around because too many people show low tolerances or patience levels, but most people are understanding or don't say anything this extreme. Such people sit behind their keyboards feeling smug and superior to others because it is all they have in life.

    Report, block and move on (as you did)

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    @Ella.7895 said:
    I have reported him and deleted the messages, ready to move on and hope I don't encounter anybody like that again :)

    Well, honestly that was the first thing I would have done. I don't speak Moron and thus have no time to decipher their rants.

  • Ella.7895Ella.7895 Member ✭✭

    XD lol haha

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    I stopped running dungeons after I completed my achievements. It's sad that even such easy contents have elitists. It happened few times that I've been insulted because after that I skipped a part (following the others), I came back to help some player that was clearly new (and I died as well...). My fault, true. But isn't easier to go back/wait for the others, rather than saying "I skipped and arrived, now you can do it alone". In the end you waste more time this way. And most important, you don't enjoy the run. No one does it.
    Anyway, I'm also the type who get depressed and log-out when something similar happens, but this isn't something you should worry about, really. Not even need to report him in the end. A block is enough.
    If you join a group, just pay attention that there's no "exp" in the description. Otherwise, start your own group, saying "first timers welcome". It also happens that you find nice people some times :)

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    Try not to worry about it. Most people I have run into doing PUGS in both dungeons and strikes have been very nice and willing to teach skips and tricks. Especially to me as a mesmer. Make sure you have him blocked and don't give such a jerk a second thought.

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    An elitist in a dungeon?

    Havent seen one of them in a while lol figured they were mostly extinct by this point.

    Don't feel bad about it, I had to deal with players like that a lot back in the early days of the game when dungeons were regarded as harder content and most people were hell bent on completing them as fast as humanly possible rather than just enjoying them.

    They're not "nice guys" despite claiming to be and no most "normal players" will not kick you for being new to a dungeon, if anything people who act like this will usually get kicked instead for being... well we all have favourite words for that XD

    Easiest way to avoid these kinds of people is to ensure "noob run" or "lore run" or "all welcome" is included in your LFG (I personally use the latter 2 all the time) as this will often deter these kinds of players from joining your groups.
    Even if they do they'll do so fully aware that they've no right to complain about anyone without making themselves look bad and possibly getting kicked.
    AS for Lore run it specifically implies that you are not going to skip cutscenes or anything and you're there for the proper story experience, this is a good one to use for new players, I use it when I run a new character through the personal story as I like to do the dungeon story's along side the personal one at set points.

    It's highly advisable to make your own groups when you want to dungeon and tailor the LFG to how you want to do it.
    Give that "all welcome" in the LFG description a try and see ^^

  • Sad to see that there are still toxic people in dungeons, my guild and I enjoy grouping with new players in dungeons or fractals, gives us something to do these days.