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[NA][WvW] Tragîc [TRGC] on SoR - Fights-focused

Tragîc [TRGC] is a recently formed WvW guild on Sanctum of Rall. We play NA and currently have a regular raid size of around 10, and are looking to build it up to the sweet spot of at least 15-20 or so.

Currently we're kinda just "casual fights", but possibilities for GvG or whatnot in the future if enough people show interest. That said, we will certainly play around most aspects of WvW. Acri's top priority is trying to keep things fun for the guild. Sometimes if maps are dead he hops to EotM to desperately look for action (before realizing that's deader ecks dee).

We generally raid NA Primetime, 9 PM EST onwards, from Tuesday to Friday (better fights, fewer blobs) but a couple of us play into OCX, roaming and such. Our current roster is almost all experienced players, but we're welcoming both newbies and veterans! Our guild is pretty diverse: We've got weebs, lgbt, traps, a muslim, and whatever else people want to call themselves. We're an open minded but not easy to offend guild that keeps things light with a touch of salt.


  • No specific class requirements (though specific builds are highly advisable for some classes) as long as we can slide you into an useful role and you know your class decently.

  • Show up to raids when you can/want. Not too serious about attendance, but don't never show up.

  • Be on the guild discord for information. Also join voice comms when raiding. Mic not necessary, just listen in at least.

A couple videos of our raids:

If you're down this far, you're probably interested. Feel free to contact:

Acri - Xslare.8735 (Guild Lead)
Cirno - Vermillion.4061 (Guild Lead)
Shadzenn - ShadeBringer.6381 (Officer)
Quickrain - QuickRain.4735 (Officer)


  • Hello all, I'm one of the founders of the guild. Just dropping in here to say if you have any questions please add any of us in-game and drop us the question either via mail or whisper. Or you can drop the question on this forum. Hope to hear from some people soon!

  • Namer.9750Namer.9750 Member ✭✭✭

    Just bumping. We picked up a couple people but are of course still looking for more peeps. SoR is currently linked to HoD and ET, in case you're already on one of those servers and interested.

    Until then, have another video.

  • Bumping this again. Also another video for you to enjoy.

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