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Opinion of an OTP pvp rev


Ive been playing power rev in pvp since 2 years, one month before its rework. Before anything, I want to say that I already now that it was an OP class during thoose years even with the consecutives nerfs it took (and even before), but I will give you my opinion on the changes that happened recently (with numbers for each idea)

1-Surge of the mist: More sustain because the dodge is longer, but impossible to land if the target is already under cc. =>useless for a power rev wich is meant to be a +1 and team fighter dps, at least make it move slower but dont make him warm up like "last warning, move aside or ill hurt you!"
A spell=a dodge (or block etc), not a simple sidestep...

2-The overall dps nerf: I always tought it will be more interesting to allow players to build might accordingly to their skill/speed, so I guess rev should have even lower pure DPS but more power access with an up of "notoriety" trait line, making power rev useless if not well used but a good dps (as it should be) if well played.

3-Phase traversal: I guess the phase traversal is not well made, it should be only 900, give power and fury instead the 25% damage buff, and have a lower cd (3,5sec imo). Also I dont think the quickness is needed (at least for this long period of time, nerf it to 1,5sec), it's a noob buff imo, made to kill quickly foes without responses.

4-Riposting shadows, 40 in pvp is stupid. Bring it back to 30 and nerf it (like 400 range, some power instead of fury, and the condi clear moved to the trait wich cure condition when you're using a moving spell). Or maybe at least 35?

5-Battle scars: what a joke...

That was for the changes. Now read it again and think Anet wanted to up the condi rev, all make sense now! Thoose strange changes where made for the condi rev regardless of the power build! And look how the condi rev is now, I wont say anything about it because we all know what happened, we see 3 of them each games... Nerf it, just nerf his sustain, damages, cds, all, but let the power build live in harmony with the rest of the meta. I dotn want it OP but just able to do the job he is meant to do.

Some ideas:
-Up the impossible odds: less damages but power thanks to a trait (like a trait giving 1 power during 4sec each time you use 10 energy or something like that perhaps?) and lower its upkeep cost to 5 per sec.
Also up the movement speed buff.
Nerf the auto attacks when under ImpOdds to prevent stupid spamming/cleave (like "reduce auto attacks damages of 200% when using impossible odds").
I remember a plat 1 game where I get 3 kills thanks to 2 guys trying to revive another and I cleaved alone, spamming auto's like the pro player I am... Thankfully the damages are now nerfed.

-Supress the condis of elemental blast (or at least just the burn and the chill)

-Up or change the facet of nature for brill, its kind of useless when you can use shiro's one

-Nerf a bit the overall sustain (no warm up on SotM, reduce the health buff of herald line to only 5% and less stamina buff on riposting shadows or something like that) to up the duration of the personal protection given thanks to brill's elite and draconic echo. Also you need to nerf a bit the condi bunker meta you just created to allow pvp to be more interesting.

Thats all folks, forgive me for my rusy englsih im french hehe
See you ingame!


  • Virdo.1540Virdo.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Eragon.5760 said:
    5-Battle scars: what a joke...

    hehe :bleep_bloop:

  • Arkantos.7460Arkantos.7460 Member ✭✭✭✭

    power shiro was the ONLY good one before patch, yes
    but compared with war, engi, mesma ... a joke because its only role is roaming .... a +1 class
    Im happy because my good "old" Frozen Herald builds gets viable because its was medicore and now in one line with others... i have lesser chance when enemies use power builds but depends on playstyle

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    @Virdo.1540 said:

    hehe :bleep_bloop:

    heh heh :trollface:

    If I play a stupid build, I deserve to die.
    If I beat people on a stupid build, I deserve to get away with it.