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Perma crashes on minister's waypoint in DR

So i was doing my daily faction provisioner tokens, and as i went to get the one in DR I got a client crash, i tried logging back in, and on the loading screen it crashed again, and again, and i cannot get back into any character that i moved there, so now 2 characters are totally unplayable. other characters that are elsewhere are fine though.


  • edit:restarting computer seemed to work, but still no idea why that spot in particular perma crashes.

  • If you have a corrupted file (which can sometimes happen with games with huge data files), it can keep causing a crash. It might be entirely unrelated to the location, just where you were when the file was corrupted. Such files can be fixed by "repairing" the client (visit the support site for details on how to do that).

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  • One reason for this kind of weirdness can be running out of disk space, as the game doesn't seem to be able to notice it.

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