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(Open World) Guardian utility skills "feel" very underwhelming

I am not complaining that the Guardian's utility skill choices are bad. This is more of a flavor/enjoyment post, and this is mostly from an open world perspective. I've been spending a lot of time on my warrior, using skills like Bull's Charge, Stomp, Endure Pain, Frenzy, etc. I really enjoy what all of these skills do because not only are they helpful/powerful, pressing the button immediately rewards you with a noticeable effect, often visually. It feels great to run around the world with skills like these in your back pocket.

My Guardian, on the other hand, a character I really enjoy for other reasons, doesn't feel like they possess utility skills that are nearly as impactful. While some of the shouts aren't bad, often the only payoff is "you do thing x a little better." Post-rework spirit weapons aren't terrible, but the effects still feel minimal and relatively passive. The effects of traps aren't bad, especially the elite, but I think the inherently reactive nature of traps holds them back from a satisfactory standpoint. Aside from Sanctuary and Wall of Reflection, which are both very niche, the skills as a whole feel inconsequential. Maybe it's due to Guardian's very reactive kit and playstyle, but the only skill that I felt really happy with was Judge's Intervention.

Is this completely useless information? Is this rant from one player's perspective and is likely to be disagreed upon by most people? Both are very likely.

If I'm missing something and there's some hidden way to make these skills feel great, please let me know.


  • Aigleborgne.2981Aigleborgne.2981 Member ✭✭✭

    I partially agree, but keep in mind that many utilities apply to 5 allies/foes while it is less true for warriors.
    Additionally, I feel that sword of justice is impactful as it does nice damage plus a bit of crowd control.
    I love shield of avengers, more than wall of reflection, because it is a dome, more convenient when surrounded by archers, and having several charges do help.
    Saves yourselves is great and saved my life more than I can count.
    Even sanctuary has its uses if you have ranged weapon.

    Other non-elites are either mediocre either niche. Contemplation of Purity is great when you know you will be swarmed with conditions.

    Now, warrior utilities are not that great apart a few ones. Signets like guardian ones.
    Shouts are average except shake it off (but not better than smite condi or contemplation).
    Kick, charge, and stomp are good (although stomp remains situationnal)
    Stances are great but very short uptime.
    And most of them only benefit warrior.

    For example, let's compare charge with soj, 2 damaging utilities.
    I love one shooting some foes with one bull charge. On other hand, my soj will do more damage if it hits 3-5 foes. And with litany of wrath running, it also provides strong heal.

  • Zephoid.4263Zephoid.4263 Member ✭✭✭

    Its been this way for years. Guard have the worst utilities out of all the clasess without a doubt. Few do damage, most provide only 2 boons and low duration of those, many have long cast times, most are irrelevant in open world .

    If going core guard, i would trait Monk's Focus, then go Litany of Wrath, Save Yourself, Sword of Justice, Smite Condition, Renewed Focus.

    That gives you one stun break, a ton of heal off Monk's focus (4 meditations if you count lesser smite condition on heal), and one damage utility, and one invulnerability.

    If Dragonhunter, you have a lot more options with a lot of the traps being relevant in open world.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Open world? Not really. I played all classes extensively, except engi, and there are typically a handful of useful utilities and no more than 2 good heals. Power guardian has bottle necking problem, due requirement of high (preferably 100%) uptime of retaliation. But other than that, it is the same like every other class. Whatever deals the highest damage or provides the most boons is used. Any other function is either niche or useless.

    Also, pro hint, do not use elite trap in open world PvE. Nothing even comes remotely close to Feel my Wraith in almost all builds, unless someone else is providing 100% quickness uptime. Also, do not use Judge's Intervention. It's damage output is abysmal and CD is ridiculous. A complete waste of utility.

  • calb.3128calb.3128 Member ✭✭✭
    edited August 10, 2019

    I often change utility skills depending on the map or mobs. Sword of Justice will often get swapped out for hammer (kd) or reflect skills, particularly because of low cooldown and the annoying harpies in PoF.

    I’m probably much happier with Guardian’s utility skills than most other professions. There is more freedom to swap them out as required, while other professions will often require you to keep a particular set. IMHO only Mesmer comes close.

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