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Need help fighting SB as Core Guard

Arklite.4013Arklite.4013 Member ✭✭
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Hello all,

This is a matchup I've been struggling with for a while (among the many other unfavorable matchups as a core guard). I've tried approaching this fight every which way and I can't seem to win. It feels like SB has a half dozen ways to avoid/tank my burst windows, and the tools to survive afterwards even if I manage an opening. Meanwhile, their sustained damage tears right through me after I've gone through most of my cooldowns. If they pop rampage I tend to just get trashed. If I try to disengage to get my cooldowns back I get chased to oblivion, and if I try to drag out the fight I don't have the long-term damage or survivability to compete. What should I be looking for if I'm 1v1ing a SB on a side node?


  • Yannir.4132Yannir.4132 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Arklite.4013 said:
    What should I be looking for if I'm 1v1ing a SB on a side node?

    Well, your first mistake is attempting the 1v1 in the first place.
    You don't have a snowballs chance of winning vs a decent Spellbreaker. It was a losing match-up for Core Guard even when RI was +50% Crit Chance.
    If you're on a node capping, and a Spellbreaker appears, just leave and let them have it. Doing that forces them to choose between capping the node or chasing you. Rotate to your teammates/respawns, either +1 another fight or pick up an ally to help you de-bunk the Spb.
    Core Guard is a slow(-ish) roamer, not a duelist. Though it can certainly 1v1 some of the duelists like Weaver.

  • Zephoid.4263Zephoid.4263 Member ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, PVP dps guard has been nerfed to the point of being non-viable against most of the top teir dps builds. Spellbreaker, Holosmith, and Herald are all going to pretty easily beat you in 1v1s. While GS guard does have better cleave than any DPS class except Reaper, it doesn't really have the hp pool to serve as a good group fighter either. While you can beat up on some of the squishy dps builds like zerker soulbeast, mirage, or weaver, you can get 1 shot back just as easily. The only real purpose of DPS guard at this point is being very good at taking on scourges. You have a million condi cleanses and some good CCs along with a bunch of gap closers. Contemplation of Purity is easily the best anti-condi ability in the game.

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Core guardian odds were low before all the nerfs. Now it is close to impossible. I actually used to win most of the time before RI nerf, but now core lacks damage to put pressure.

    I think DH is about even. It is a kite battle. Be prepared to move from the node. Using LB and ToF correctly puts much pressure on SB.

    Sage FB destroyers SB. The continuous ability to put condi damage and dilebrating condis is very difficult for SB to deal with.

  • Dont play power swap to burn guard and you can pressure any class

  • Rukia.4802Rukia.4802 Member ✭✭
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    Wizard amu with sw/f sc/sh
    Balth runes
    Smoldering in each 1h then whatever you want
    Virtue 3/2/1
    Zeal 3/3/1
    Radiance 1/(optional)/1
    I run shelter/stand your ground/sword of justice/wall of reflect (change depend on comp) and renew focus

    It won't be as good as dh version in terms of survival imo because all my condi removal comes from F2 and F3 blocking plus it has mobility, just edit in some condi removal as you need. I use sigil of purging on both sets as well. You can reliably and consistently pressure at a distance then swap to melee whenever you want. Throw your sword spirit and scepter 2 down then watch something nice on netflix while people esplode in flames.


  • There is a build in another guardian forum thread, it states SB has no chance in 1v1:

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